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The Bella Twins are no strangers to reality TV series. They are the two pioneer duos who brought the Total Divas trend into the WWE that was further spread into more seasons as well as spin-offs down the road. Now they’re gone from the WWE but their involvement in more reality TV shows will continue outside the wrestling company.

As confirmed previously, The Bella Twins hosted a dating show called “Twin Love” on Amazon Prime Video. In a show that’s pretty much different than the others, the two popular stars will bring in ten sets of twins who will live in two houses with the same people. As they go through several tasks and challenges, the twins will eventually find love, going by the synopsis,

“With double the fun and drama, the series will discover if their inherent similarities extend to their romantic desires,” the press release reads. “When separated from their twin brothers and sisters — some for the first time ever— will they pursue the same identical partners? Or will their choices be dramatically different?”

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The Bella Twins had long been planning their departure from the WWE

“Twin Love” is available on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, November 17 onward which was just a few days before The Bella Twins turned 40. For the first time, they’ll be spending a birthday where they’re not supposed to be touted as the WWE Superstars. Some might still find it hard not to be a part of the company where they used to be global ambassadors, once.

In early 2023, the rift between The Bella Twins and WWE was noticed for the first time after the company didn’t want to feature a lot of women on their RAW XXX show in January. Differences in creative things also forced them to opt themselves out of the show despite being promoted for the night. Soon after that night, the duo eventually announced to be parting away with the WWE during the Wrestlemania season.

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Wiping out the rumors of having a fallout with the WWE, The Bella Twins later confirmed in interviews that they had been planning to leave the company for some time and they were waiting to let their WWE contract run out. Moving on, the two have been promoting themselves to be The Garcia Twins and under this name, they will also be appearing on the dating show.

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