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The WWE Universe can’t think beyond John Cena when it comes to considering the greatest of all time in the company’s history. There was a time when he was the longest franchise player of the WWE which was ruled by Vince McMahon. Considered as the golden goose of the company, he used to heavily feature on WWE programming.

WWE also loved the concept of featuring celebrities to boost the ratings and possibly attract even bigger names through these appearances. A similar strategy was adopted through the involvement of Kevin Federline in 2007. WWE’s ultimate goal at the time was to capitalize on these appearances to bring in his then-wife, pop icon Britney Spears.

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John Cena was involved in a feud with Britney Spears’ husband

It was in 2006 that Kevin Federline started making regular appearances on WWE Raw programming to feud with then-WWE Champion John Cena. Federline was in an attempt to see himself in a rap career, possibly taking leverage from his marriage to Britney Spears to gain attention.

On his Something To Wrestle podcast, WWE creative member Bruce Prichard revisited that feud and revealed that Michael Hayes had ambitions of bringing Britney Spears into the WWE fold so that she could be involved in a pay-per-view event to add more star power to it,

“He didn’t know a whole lot about Kevin other than he was Britney’s husband at the time and very controversial. Who better? I don’t know that anybody else on the entire roster matched up. You go with the Michael Hayes philosophy of ‘Do you think Britney would come to see Kevin Federline with John Cena? We could get Britney and I can ask her if she can sing a song. That would be good for pay-per-view.”

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The host of the podcast, Conrad Thompson further asked if Hayes indeed pitched the idea of Britney Spears singing on a live pay-per-view event and Prichard confirmed that idea to be true,

“Yeah. He just assumed she would travel with him and we could get Britney to do something. I wouldn’t be surprised, because I wasn’t in the office, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if that was a pitch as well. ‘We could get Federline and Britney may come and it’s in the door to use Britney.’ Britney was the hottest thing going at the time. Wouldn’t shock me if that was the pitch.” (quotes courtesy Ringside News)

That feud between Kevin Federline and John Cena culminated in a surprising moment when K-Fed actually defeated the WWE Champion in a January 2007 episode of Raw. However, Fed never extended his wrestling career beyond that and he didn’t return for any more matches in the WWE. Thus, WWE Universe never got to see him perform with Britney Spears on live TV.

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