Kayla Braxton Fires Back At Fans About COVID-19 Jabs

WWE Host Kayla Braxton Fired Back At Fans About COVID-19 Jabs

Kayla Braxton
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WWE Universe has a weird habit of going after a bunch of particular superstars for literally nothing and Kayla Braxton is one of those unfortunates. She was one of the first WWE employees to publicly admit that she tested positive for COVID-19. The strong move wasn’t taken well by many of the followers of WWE programming.

Last year, Kayla Braxton informed that she actually tested positive on two separate occasions. It turned out that the second test was a false positive. She gave a clarification on social media regarding that while also noting how she’s being trolled by some of the fans for contracting the virus.

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WWE Host Kayla Braxton Fired Back At Fans About COVID-19 Jabs 1

WWE The Bump on YouTube host posted a couple of tweets, aimed at those haters who wouldn’t stop throwing shades at her for multiple positive COVID-19 tests. Kayla Braxton then gave more explanation to the situation that the second test turned out to be a false positive. She also advised the fans to come up with something new to roast.

“The very beginning of April of last year I contracted covid and I took necessary precautions. Remember – it was a new virus back then. I recovered and tested again 3 weeks later. It came back positive but had no symptoms. I announced this.

But like many tests back then – it was picking up dead cells from the first time. And turned out to be a false positive. I’ve had covid only once. So after a year of dealing with you trolls, come up with something new to roast me about so you can feel better about yourself,” Kayla Braxton wrote in a couple of tweets.

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WWE Host Kayla Braxton Fired Back At Fans About COVID-19 Jabs 2

Kayla Braxton had a bad experience with COVID 19

The Talking Smack show-host clarified her position to keep the trolls prohibited. Nowadays, it’s very much possible to come in touch with COVID-19, twice, but it was a big deal, last year. Kayla Braxton was unfortunate enough to experience that and people made fun of her that is very much unfortunate. There was a time when she was forced to leave Twitter due to this issue.

The fact is that Kayla Braxton was tested during a time when not much was known about the virus and getting a second-time positive was really a very big deal. Then also, some WWE fans get pleasurable in trolling. More than a week ago, Kayla was trolled for applying extra makeups during SmackDown appearance. The reality was that she was tanned after spending a vacation in Hawaii.