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Kelly Kelly was the personification of WWE’s Divas Era that prevailed after the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita headed into retirement. With her beauty and killer physique to be the highlight, she quickly become one of the most popular as well as babyface female figures of the company. Her exhibitionist gimmick also helped in gaining some initial fame.

Unique in all aspects, WWE introduced Kelly Kelly on their weekly ECW television show under this persona who used to show off for the entertainment purpose of the fans and even the male superstars. In an interview with Insight, the former WWE Superstar was asked whether that gimmick would work in the modern day and the response was negative.

“Never in a million years [would the gimmick work in 2024] and it’s so wild to think that’s how I started.” Kelly Kelly remembered those days when she used to stay with Alicia Fox. “We literally had no furniture. I had a bed. She had a bed. It was two college kids just living together, eating Ramen Noodles.”

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Kelly Kelly further revealed that she chose WWE’s Louisville training program instead of Atlanta’s. Then she made the most out of the situation to pick up some moves. Then she was ultimately called up to WWE television on the resurrected ECW show that had an edgy feel to it. Paul Heyman called her to ensure that they were going to teach him some dancing lessons.

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Kelly Kelly was taught dance moves by Vince McMahon

As per the mentioned gimmick, Kelly Kelly was then taught how to dance like the exhibitionist as WWE would want her to act that way. Her entire family also watched her debut with no knowledge of the gimmick’s nature. Vince McMahon himself taught her the dance lessons which also involved a chai. But in her actual debut, the chair was gone, meaning she had to improvise.

“I just started dancing and [it was] so bad,” Kelly Kelly disclosed her memorable moment for which she received tons of backstage praise. “It took me twenty minutes to get my bra off. So embarrassing!”

It’s been a long time since we have seen Kelly Kelly in a WWE ring and there’s no sooner chance that she will be back for one more run given how much she’s involved in her personal life to the fullest. Marrying businessman Joe B. Coba in 2021, the couple is bringing up a set of twins.

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