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Nikki Bella was a pioneer for the WWE for over a decade when it came to the women’s locker room. Being a veteran name, WWE utilized them in multiple roles throughout the years and even at a point when she was medically disqualified to compete in the ring. It was essentially affirmed that she was treated as one of the WWE-lifers but that wasn’t the case.

Both Brie and Nikki Bella were under WWE Legend contracts after retiring from in-ring competition in the late 2010s. They have mostly been used as the brand ambassadors of the WWE until their deal with the company was up. The entrepreneurs then decided not to renew the contracts as they wanted to build their own identities. This ensured that their good terms with the company came to an end.

The Bella Twins “Get Sad At Time” For Not Being Part Of Current WWE Roster

Looking back at her days with the company, Nikki Bella recently conversed with WESH’s Belal Jaber. While she had a great career, she was unhappy about getting hated by the fans during her time in the company for no reason. WWE Divas usually garnered heat for a portion of the fanbase but the veteran pointed out a reason why that bunch of talents did a fantabulous job,

“…I do feel like now because all those women also brought a very entertainment side and a sparkle that made women so rare and what made Divas rare worldwide, and I think that’s why we are finally being recognized for that.”

“They Didn’t Want Women To Overshadow The Men,” Nikki Bella’s Big Allegation To WWE

Nikki Bella detailed how WWE Divas always entertained the audience

Nikki Bella then name-dropped talents like Melina, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, and other wrestlers during the Divas era who made the female talents relevant, back then. They were as good as the male performers but they weren’t given the same opportunities to showcase the talents which the current female wrestlers in WWE have been able to receive.

“We were trained to like, ‘Hey, when your music hits and you walk out that Gorilla, how do you make the world stop and watch you?” Nikki Bella added how the Divas added elements to their TV characters.

“So you had really cool entrances, and then we showcased that in the ring because Vince was so big on be athletic, but also I want to see smile when you get hit or like be girly. That was stuff we had to do, and we were trained, but it made us unique, and it made us an era that is missed.”

Reports of disagreements between WWE and Nikki Bella alongside Brie came out in early 2023 as they voiced criticism of WWE’s treatment toward women wrestlers around the Raw is XXX episode. WWE later uplifted the status of their female talents but the Bella Twins opted to leave the company.

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