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Despite a much-touted return to the WWE in 2022 following her second pregnancy, Lacey Evans reached nowhere significant in her career over the next several months. She wasn’t seen since a loss to Zelna Vega on July 7th of 2023 which eventually appeared to be the final one of her WWE career.

In the early summer of 2023, Lacey Evans drew some negative heat from Sgt. Slaughter for using his gimmick, and he even said WWE couldn’t pay him enough to work with her. Plus, Sarge’s daughter took numerous shots at the former WWE Superstar which did her no good, either. Then it was after Summerslam that she wanted her WWE deal to run out to confirm her departure from the company.

Lacey Evans Has No Regret Having A Baby Ahead Of WWE Wrestlemania 37 Match

While speaking on Road Trip AFTER HOURS with Teddy Long and Mac Davis, Lacey Evans was asked if fans would ever see her back in a pro wrestling ring again. She made it clear that that chance can’t be ruled out as she believes AEW’s schedule would be a much better fit for her,

”I’m not gonna say no but god help the son of a gun I get my hands on, if I do.”

Lacey Evans wants to prove her potential in a wrestling ring

Given that Lacey Evans had a lot of potential as a heel in WWE and those qualities remained untapped, it remains to be seen if AEW is ready to take the promising name under their banner. While expressing no such grudge for the WWE, she wanted to have more options available for her to earn money and that certainly includes working for All Elite Wrestling,

“Absolutely. I’m mean as hell. I’m one mean son of a gun. That was probably my fault, at requesting my release, there are no hard feelings at WWE, it’s great. That lifestyle is for people that, when they hold that title above their head, that’s what makes them feel significant or feel like they’ve accomplished something. Me being able to make my kids food or cook my old man, that to me is worth all the weight in gold.” (quotes courtesy Ringside News)

Since leaving the WWE, Lacey Evans has already gotten into multiple ventures which include opening a café and a private website to gift her fanbase some premium content just like former WWE star Mandy Rose. Time will tell if she also gets a suitable option to return to the pro wrestling circuit and showcase her tough persona that was undiscovered by the WWE.

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