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Since her return at the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match, the Liv Morgan revenge tour was unleashed upon the WWE Universe. As a newly turned heel, she has consistently been delivering some interesting moments on WWE television to catch the attention of the fans and peers. Gradually, these attentions helped her to become a two-time women’s champion.

The most recent shocker came after the May 27 edition of WWE Raw where Liv Morgan planted an unexpected and passionate kiss on Dominik Mysterio. The segment drew insane viewership on YouTube and social media although many viewers missed it as it wasn’t officially aired on the USA Network. The sources have disclosed the reason behind this omission from the live feed.

According to the reports of Fightful Select, WWE cameras and production were looking forward to capturing the interaction between Liv Morgan and Dominik Mysterio, including the kiss, but missed it by seconds as the official feed of Raw was cut short. Corey Brennan reported that this mishap was caused due to a miscommunication in timing and positioning.

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Liv Morgan – Dominik kiss drew insane numbers on social media

The situation between these two-star powers of Raw became further intense as Liv Morgan took to her official X profile and changed her header image to the photo of her and Dominik’s kiss. This move left the fans buzzing about WWE’s next move with the angle that portrays Dominik’s non-interest in the reigning Women’s World Champion. Meanwhile, the segment drew an insane 12 million views on WWE’s Instagram page in only 8 hours.

In the main event of the WWE Raw May 27 episode, Liv Morgan defeated Becky Lynch inside a Steel Cage by escaping the cage to retain the WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Championship via help from Dominik. Another storyline continued during this match and that was of Braun Strowman chasing JD McDonagh.

Strowman chased McDonagh who was out to prevent Dominik from doing any interference in the match. Strowman unwillingly slammed the cage door on Becky’s head while chasing McDonagh which allowed Liv Morgan to escape the cage and thus win the bout. As a reward to Dominik, she offered the kiss to Dom-Dom right after the match which shook the WWE Universe, afterward.

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