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Liv Morgan was inserted into a championship rematch on WWE Raw right after her title win in Saudi Arabia, two nights ago. Amid all the chaos those were unleashed during the match, she was ultimately able to retain the title via help from Dominik Mysterio. As a result, she couldn’t hold herself back from giving him a reward in the form of a make-out session after the match was over.

In the main event of the WWE Raw May 27 episode, Liv Morgan defeated Becky Lynch inside a Steel Cage by escaping the cage to retain the WWE Women’s World Heavyweight Championship. Another storyline continued during this match and that was of Braun Strowman and JD McDonagh.

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WWE Raw: Multiple angles ran together during the championship main event

In his returning match on WWE Raw, Strowman defeated McDonagh in a singles contest but once the match was over, Carlito, Finn Balor, and McDonagh attacked Strowman. The furious Monster among Men then started chasing McDonagh all around the arena. McDonagh was seen talking to Liv Morgan in a backstage segment where Strowman chased him off.

This chase continued during the WWE Raw main event after Dominik Mysterio appeared at ringside to help Becky win the match and McDonagh-Balor tried to stop her from doing so. Strowman came out to chase McDonagh again, and he unwillingly slammed the cage door on Becky’s head which allowed Liv Morgan to escape the cage and thus win the bout.

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Following the match, Liv Morgan approached Mysterio on the ramp when the USA Network feed cut off for the WWE Raw broadcast. However, an eventual kiss between the two went down right there and it was shown on the international feed while WWE also posted the clip on their social media channels. While Mysterio sold the kiss as if he was surprised and uninterested, the women’s world champion was smiling.

After waiting for a few months on WWE Raw, Liv Morgan got to become the new champion on Saturday night by defeating Becky Lynch at the Saudi Arabia premium live event from the Jeddah Superdome in Jeddah. She owes the win to Dominik who passed on a chair to the ring, a move that allowed her to plant Becky with a DDT onto it.

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