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Liv Morgan was sidelined from the squared circle with an injury for a long time since 2023 before she finally returned at the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 with a new attitude. With a newly donned heel persona, she was supposed to go to the top, but that rise is yet to happen. For the time being, the self-proclaimed revenge tour of hers continues on WWE programming.

This is the phase where Liv Morgan is thriving on her own to establish the identity of being a bonafide singles star power. But when she originally debuted on the WWE main roster, she was part of The Riott Squad also comprising Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. Speaking in an interview, the latter name was brutally exposed by her former tag team partner.

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In a recent discussion session with Open Thoughts, Liv Morgan was asked if she had ever farted in the ring. She denied it but then he namedropped her former teammate Sarah Logan, currently playing the role of Valhalla for doing this in the ring. The 29-year-old star found it “disgusting” but being on live WWE programming, she had to continue the matches,

“No, but oh my gosh! Sarah, sorry I love you. I had this tag team partner Sarah, right? I was in a tag team called The Riott Squad and she would fart in the ring all the time and, you know, it like stinks but you have to kind of just like not react to it. But it’s like disgusting, you know, but you just keep it moving. I’ve not farted in the ring but I’ve been, like, farted on.”

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Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan attended Ruby Soho’s wedding ceremony

Despite this, there’s no animosity between Liv Morgan and Valhalla as they remain close friends. Their friendship was further proven last weekend when they attended Ruby Soho’s wedding ceremony with Angelo Parker in Ohio. It was the first time in a long time that the three members of the former Riott Squad were seen together.

At present, Liv Morgan is set to square off against Becky Lynch for the WWE Women’s World Championship at the King & Queen of The Ring Premium Live Event on May 25th in Saudi Arabia. We have to wait until this weekend to know if Liv becomes a two-time champion by defeating Big Time Becks.

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