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It was in mid-2023 that former Bellator MMA fighter Valerie Loureda announced that Lola Vice would be her in-ring name for the WWE. The latter part of this name comes from the reference to the 1980s crime drama series Miami Vice.

Lola Vice is admittedly a proud native of Miami who also dubs herself as WWE’s first-ever Cuban-American signing. So she was skeptical about debuting her ring name and she couldn’t be happier to keep a connection to her native city while pursuing a gimmick. During a recent interview with Jim Varsallone, she further explained the vision behind the wrestling persona that she is playing on TV,

“The whole inspiration for my theme is the ‘Miami Vice’ series from back in the 80s. That’s how I was able to come up with Vice [as a part of my ring name]. The pink and the blue, those are my colors. I stay true to that every match because I want to establish it and also bring Miami to the map because Miami is a place where everyone wants to vacation but that’s where I live. I truly know the way it is there, and I’m representing that well in the ring.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

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Lola Vice already found success in her NXT career

WWE NXT brand is committed to bringing out newer female star powers for future roles and Lola Vice is one of those names who is under the microscope. Coming out of her MMA career, she had some big statements to become a breakout star in pro wrestling. Now that WWE is also relying on her, she’s fully committed to her role on the NXT roster.

Lola Vice possesses an astounding MMA record of 4-1 from her UFC career but she’s decided to trade the MMA gloves in favor of pro wrestling boots just because of the love that she has for the WWE. After showing her devotion to the squared circle, WWE has also given her back some.

As a result, Lola Vice not only got included in the 2023 WWE NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament but she also ended up becoming the winner after defeating Kelani Jordan on the October 31 episode of NXT. With that win, Vice secured herself a future shot at the NXT Women’s championship but she has ruined that opportunity, already.

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