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Intergender matches have mostly become extinct from TV but names like Chelsea Green, and Tessa Blanchard made the genre relevant in the last few years. Especially in the WWE brand, these kinds of matches were written off long ago as they turned PG a long time ago. However, AEW and the independent circuit still produce these matches.

Chelsea Green was involved in one such incident a few months in the indie scene back when she was superkicked by Blake Christian. The current WWE Superstar still remembers that moment and he will have to pay for his actions as noted by her on social media.

For those who don’t know, Blake Christian was a part of the WWE for a short period in 2021. He took part in a few matches on NXT before the company released him from the contract in November.

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Moving on, Blake got into GCW to get involved in a feud with Chelsea Green and her husband Matt Cardona. During GCW’s Cage of Survival event, Christian intended to be down for an injured Cardona so that he could become the new number-one contender for the GCW World championship. But things changed once the match started.

Chelsea Green also tried to get involved in the match as she tried to hit him with a chair but failed to connect. Blake then intentionally superkick-ed the former Hot Mess before defeating Cordona in a short match. Recounting that match, the recently returned WWE Superstar stated that she’s still thinking about how Blake will have to pay for those previous actions with the following tweet.

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Chelsea Green had performed in numerous promotions before returning to WWE

Chelsea Green made her WWE main roster debut on Friday Night Smackdown in late 2020. Despite WWE officials thinking highly about her, the tenure came to a quick end as it was plagued by a plethora of injuries. This ultimately led to her departure from the company in 2021 spring. Following her release from the WWE, she found her way back on the independent circuit Impact Wrestling, GCW, NWA, and ROH.

There have been question marks about her wrestling skills in the past but with hard work and dedication, she managed to establish herself as a fan-favorite and popular figure in the professional wrestling industry. Then at the Royal Rumble 2023 event, Chelsea Green made her return to the WWE by participating in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Since arriving at the scene, she’s been playing a ‘Karen’ type character as revealed in the earlier reports.

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