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Lacey Evans is doing great following her WWE exit and she doesn’t have any regrets about leaving the pro-wrestling stint. Going by her recent admission in interviews, it’s not likely that she is coming back to the sport anytime soon as she’s happy with whatever she’s doing in life.

Lacey Evans’ most notable post-WWE endeavor came in the opening of the “Sunny Summers Cafe” in Beaufort, SC where she could serve the community. Besides, the former WWE Superstar has also established a FanTime platform, where she allows fans to receive some exclusive content for which she’s famous.

A handful of former WWE Superstars have been now operating their NSFW premium paywall sites. Mandy Rose has been in the leading position in this business since her release in December 2022 while Lacey Evans, Persia Pirotta, and Dana Brooke followed her footsteps to enjoy some monetary success. It seems that the Lady of the WWE gained some additional benefits with this service.

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Lacey Evans shares her husband’s initial reaction to her NSFW content

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the former WWE star revealed that her husband wasn’t ready for her to go up with this content service. But the situation changed soon enough as it spiced up their love life, better than ever.

“You know, f*ck it, we talked about it, and the next thing you know we get excited and he’s picking out outfits, and I’m like ‘f*ck yeah, that looks great,’ and we’re doing photo shoots and having a good time and what goes on after the photo shoots is different, but I can tell you that my love life has never been spicier,” Lacey Evans commented.

“I’m 33, I’m doing whatever the hell I want to, and my husband is game.”

Lacey Evans failed to make headlines as a professional wrestler during her time with the WWE despite having all the potential. While this has been unfortunate, at least her recent release led her to make some waves among the fans. As much as it seems unreal, WWE was never fully capable of utilizing this talent to her full potential.

Despite having a suitable launch in 2019, things fell flat for Lacey Evans which eventually became worse to lead up to the exit. While there are rumors about her making a move toward companies other than the WWE, she is happy with the NSFW content service and a pro-wrestling comeback isn’t essentially there on her radar.

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