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Mandy Rose stayed with the WWE for several years and found her way to the top of the roster on NXT with the championship belt by her side for a long time. Her strong status was intact until the day of her release which came in December 2022. Before moving on to her post-WWE career, she also got to become the third-longest NXT Women’s Champion of all time.

Before heading back to NXT, Mandy Rose was involved in a bitter and personal feud with real-life best friend Sonya Deville. There was a time when the two were supposed to get involved in a hair vs. hair match which could have also forced her to shave her head for that particular storyline. But if it had to happen then a specific demand needed to be met.

In a recent Q&A session for Monopoly Events, Mandy Rose discussed her experience working in that WWE storyline in 2020 with Sonya Deville to express appreciation for their close friendship and mutual understanding. Since they knew each other, so well she emphasized the supportive dynamic about wrestling.

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Mandy Rose shared experience of working in a feud with bestie Sonya Deville

Regarding the reported hair vs. hair match proposed for Summerslam 2020, Mandy Rose acknowledged that if such a stipulation had been implemented, she could have considered shaving her head depending on the instance. That certainly means getting an upped compensation from the WWE as she would be going through a drastic change in terms of looks.

“Working with Sonya was great because we were best friends and knew each other so well. There was no bad will, we always took care of each other. We were each other all the time, so we talked about wrestling. Working with her during that whole time, it was weird again, because of COVID, unfortunately,” Mandy Rose stated.

“If we did do the hair vs. hair match, would I have shaved my head? It depends, they would have had to pay me to shave my head a little more.”

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The long-standing rivalry between Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville culminated in a Loser Leaves WWE match at SummerSlam 2020. The Hair vs. Hair stipulation was reportedly scrapped just days before the event. Deville would lose the match to be gone from the WWE for some time before coming back as an authority figure.

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