WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Off In Latest Monochromic Insta Photo

WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Off In Latest Monochromic Insta Photo

Mandy Rose
courtesy Instagram

Mandy Rose is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous female Superstars of the active roster, if not the most. She has The God’s Greatest Creation gimmick attached to herself for a reason. The perfect carves, muscular body alongside that feminine oomph factor, makes her the perfect WWE Diva that one should crave to watch on TV.

That’s the reason why she was picked for Total Divas even before entering the mainstay WWE scene. The blonde-head Diva additionally mesmerizes her fanbase by posting some stunning photos of herself. On one of the recent occasions, Mandy Rose shared a monochromic photo that proves her Goddess quotient.

WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Off In Latest Monochromic Insta Photo 1

“Always the best when you least expect it [yellow heart emoji],” the caption of the photo stated while it was also mentioned that veteran Ryan Loco was behind that shot. Mandy Rose covered her assets in a skimpy bikini as she wanted to showcase her perfect figure. It’s certain that the 2.7 million fans of her followers will have a hard time scrolling through after spotting the photo. They’ve every single reason to do so, though.

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Mandy Rose revealed the best body part of her

Mandy Rose does receive a lot of attention from WWE fans for such pictures. But for that, she has to keep herself in shape, all the time. Recently The Golden Goddess let knew her fans via Instagram that she considers her legs to be the best assets of her body. Previously, she used to feel insecure about those legs, but that perception has changed since,

“I used to be really insecure about my legs when I was young until I started lifting heavy weights. Now they’re my best asset.”

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WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Off In Latest Monochromic Insta Photo 2

Mandy Rose is sporting a different hairstyle for the past few months ever since her long-time friend turned bitter rival Sonya Deville cut her hair off on SmackDown. The reason is that she doesn’t want to look like a pretty face only but a furious competitor, too. It’s good to learn that she had overcome all the insecurities she used to have in the past.

Check out Mandy Rose’s honest confessions about body insecurities following her bodybuilding career in 2013, as told on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory Podcast.

“I’m at a really good place, I think now. With bodybuilding, it sometimes can mess you up in the sense of getting your body to a certain point where you see yourself on stage, and you’re like, ‘Wow,’ but knowing that’s not an everyday lifestyle look, or whatever you want to call it,” she stated. “Right now, my biggest thing is that I don’t stress about it anymore. I eat well, and I work out a ton, but there are so many times where I don’t worry about what I’m eating. And I noticed that I’m happy with the way my body is.” (Quotes courtesy Wrestling Inc)