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Michelle McCool is often helmed as one of the all-time greats when it comes to women’s wrestling in the WWE. She previously established herself as one of the top female WWE Superstars during her active wrestling career with all her accomplishments. But it’s also been a long time since she retired from in-ring competition and is happily married to The Undertaker.

However, it’s also true that Michelle McCool is open to making a comeback to the WWE given how fit she still is. Plus, she is also admittedly open to having a LayCool reunion in WWE. After entering the WWE as a beloved babyface, she found it hard to find the stomping grounds in the-then female roster landscape.

That was until WWE partnered up Michelle McCool with Layla to start a dominant run for the duo who once captured both the Women’s Championships. Teaming up with Layla to form Team LayCool significantly elevated her status within the WWE and that team could still be re-formed.

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Michelle McCool thinks LayCool reunion would be fun

While speaking on the Six Feet Under podcast, Michelle McCool was asked about a LayCool reunion in the WWE and she made it clear that she is more than open to the idea of getting on TV with her former best buddy,

“When the Iiconics were there, I thought that would be pretty good. They kind of acted like LayCool. Right now? I don’t care who we go up against. I think a LayCool reunion would be fun, and I think we were funny.”

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As mentioned above, having the pledge of returning to WWE in-ring competition, Michelle McCool still keeps herself fit enough to compete inside the squared circle. In the latest, she took to her Instagram and uploaded a video to inform everybody that The Undertaker caught her safely when she got a cramp while trying to perform a workout move.

Michelle McCool got married to the Undertaker in 2010 and subsequently retired from professional wrestling, the year later after losing to Layla in a Loser Leaves WWE match. But since 2018, she made some sporadic appearances, and fans were really impressed by her performances. Most recently, she was back to compete at last year’s Royal Rumble.

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