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With speculations all over the internet regarding her future in the WWE, Natalya Neidhart was seen in action on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw and the night after on NXT. On Raw, she suffered a loss against the debutant Kiana James while on NXT, she got to pick up the win over another newbie Izzi Dame. However, she had been absent from the scene, last night on WWE’s flagship show.

Natalya Neidhart has been a cornerstone figure in the WWE women’s division since her debut in 2008. Despite WWE never pushing her per the talent, her prominent presence was felt in the locker room throughout her tenure with the company. That’s the reason why the fans have been eagerly waiting to receive the confirmation of her status with the WWE.

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In the latest, a few details regarding the status of her contractual negotiations with WWE have been revealed although it failed to provide some positive updates. According to the reports of PWInsider Elite, WWE is in the final stages of negotiations with Natalya Neidhart. But as of this writing, no deals have been officially confirmed or locked in between the two parties.

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Natalya Neidhart leaving the WWE will create a big void on the female roster

That being said, there is still some time for WWE to finalize Natalya Neidhart’s future before any final decision is reached. It has also been revealed that the veteran talent is expected to get considerable offers outside of the WWE should she decide not to re-sign. If that’s the case then it would indeed be a significant loss for the NXT locker room where she has been acting as a mentor to the emerging talents.

Without a doubt, Natalya Neidhart’s departure from the scene will create a big void in the WWE women’s locker room. Should she decide to part ways with the company, she will be doing so after achieving multiple Guinness World records. The list of accolades is given below,

– Most WWE matches (female)
– Most WWE wins in a career (female)
– Most WWE PLE appearances (female)
– Most WWE Wrestle Mania appearances
– Most WWE “Raw” matches
– Most WWE “SmackDown” matches
– 2 x Canadian Hall of Famer
– 1 x Divas Champion
– 1 x Smackdown Women’s Champion
– 1 x WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion

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