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Maxxine Dupri took the challenge of establishing herself as an in-ring performer in the WWE as an outsider. It’s not an easy task for somebody to take up the task of dancing in the ring against the extremely talented roster that the company possesses. But to date, the former valet has proved her potential.

After working on the NXT brand under the ring name of Sofia Cromwell, Maxxine Dupri made her debut on the main roster and she was able to make an impact as a babyface star power. For a short period, she was paired with the Maximum Male Models faction led by her kayfabe brother Max Dupri who is now known as LA Knight. After Knight left the faction the female valet was brought on Raw in some wrestling capacity.

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Trained by The Alpha Academy’s Chad Gable, Maxxine Dupri is constantly up to picking up new moves and honing her wrestling skills. Speaking in an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, she opened up on her nervousness about performing in front of a crowd. The nerves got her in the very first match and the same feeling remains, every Monday on Raw,

“So, our first one was a six-man [tag match] with the Viking Raiders, and it was amazing because I had the comfortability of being with the boys and I had them as my safety net to fall back on. I was extremely nervous, as I am every single Monday, just because, you wanna be great. But I’m also so new, I haven’t performed in front of a crowd like that ever, so it was scary.”

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Maxxine Dupri prepared for Royal Rumble entry for a long time

Heading into the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble, Maxxine Dupri wasn’t sure that she would be competing in the 30-star matchup. She further trained with Chad Gable and Otis for the match and eventually got the call to enter the fray for the first time.

“I found out, I’m going to say a week before, but you best believe I had gear coming in four months prior to the Rumble. I was very nervous because obviously it’s a huge platform, there’s only so many spots, so you want to represent well and do well.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

After becoming a wrestler on Raw, Maxxine Dupri’s biggest match came when she faced WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley. She expressed gratitude toward decision-makers in the WWE for putting her in such a massive matchup so early in her career where she got to learn from Ripley’s calmness in the ring.

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