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In the main event of the April 30 episode of WWE NXT, Natalya Neidhart faced Lola Vince in an Underground Match that favored the latter due to her MMA background and having a specialist in Shayna Baszler in her corner. The former had fellow Canadian and NXT star Karmen Petrovic on her side in this hard-hitting affair but this presence eventually caused her to a big loss.

The match finish of the WWE NXT Underground bout saw Natalya Neidhart locking Lola Vice in the sharpshooter and as she was about to tap out, Shayna Bazler applied her own Kirifuda Clutch submission on Karmen Petrovic. This led Nattie to break the hold and come to Karmen’s aid. Karmen was rescued but the distraction allowed Vice to deliver a spinning back fist to capture a win via TKO.

In a social media exclusive interview following NXT, both Natalya Neidhart and Karmen attempted to get things back right, with Karmen telling her mentor that she didn’t need to break her hold on Vice to help and that she could have survived Baszler’s attack. The veteran never blamed Karmen for Vice’s victory and admitted she didn’t know what she was thinking in releasing the hold.

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Carmella gave shoutout to Natalya Neidhart for her efforts on NXT

“I think it’s time y’all start putting some damn respect on [Natalya’s] name,” Carmella gave a shoutout to the efforts shown by the most experience roster member Natalya Neidhart for the Underground match. “NO ONE is doing it like her. Not only for her talent… she’s ALWAYS giving back. We don’t deserve her.”

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Carmella hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since March of last year after she first announced that she and husband Corey Graves were expecting a child together. Then, in November the duo announced the healthy birth of their son. Recently, Natalya Neidhart expressed her desire to face Carmella upon return although there’s no update on the same.

Furthermore, in the exclusive interview released by WWE on X, Natalya Neidhart seemed emotional following the loss and she did not blame Karmen Petrovic for it. She abruptly left the locker room before mentioning that things were not over between herself and Lola Vice,

“I don’t know what should I have done or if I could turn back time I don’t know what I would have done different … I just know this isn’t over, I need a minute.”

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