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Working in the WWE for almost two decades, Natalya Neidhart is one of the most prominent names in the women’s wrestling industry. Being entitled to have such a long career in the company, she has achieved so many records that she has gone on to become a multi-time Guinness Book Record Holder. That being said, it’s hard to believe that her contract with WWE is set to expire.

But no deal has been agreed upon between the two parties which is keeping Natalya Neidhart’s wrestling future in jeopardy. Irrespective of what the future holds, she already hinted at having no plans to retire from wrestling. The veteran has the aspiration to wrestle outside the company to explore more opportunities and destiny might take her forward.

In the meantime, a fan sent a message to Natalya Neidhart, extending his admiration for the veteran and her most recent run in NXT. In response to the post, the veteran stated that she gave her best at every opportunity that she got on WWE TV. It was also noted that she wants to continue the way things are going.

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Natalya Neidhart wants to continue things the way it’s ongoing

“When I get time and space to remind people of who I am and what I can do, I jump on it. I don’t take a second of this for granted,” Natalya Neidhart wrote on Twitter.

“I’m not someone who can rely on opportunities to come my way every week, so I need to make them count when they’re there. That’s what I’ve been laser focused on over the past several months. I’ve used my matches as statement pieces. I want it ALL and more.”

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One of the key aspects of Natalya Neidhart’s career longevity is the fact that she keeps herself extremely fit and ready for all the challenges that the company has to offer her. Last year in the summer, in India, she wrestled two matches on the same night at Superstar Spectacle even after having an almost one-day flight to the country.

Following Wrestlemania XL, Natalya Neidhart has gone back to NXT to have one more stint on the developmental brand. The Canadian stalwart teamed up with Karmen Petrovic on the May 21 edition of WWE NXT where the duo defeated the team of Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler to end a personal feud.

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