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Nikki Bella Net Worth and Salary 

Nikki Bella Net Worth and Salary
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Nikki Bella Net Worth and Salary ∼ It takes a lot of guts to be a Bella. There might be haters around the two iconic duos of the WWE. But there has not been one single established woman in the company rather than Nikki Bella who can claim to be a self-made brand. She started at the very bottom of the roster during the Divas Era. They appeared in an age when names like Trish Stratus or Lita took retirement. A void existed there in the division which the existing superstars failed to make up.

Names like Maria Kanellis, Victoria, Maryse, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly tried to save the division alongside Beth Phoenix or Natalya. The Bella Twins also arrived in the scene at the same phase. Most of the superstars have gone on to take retirement or transitioned to part-time roles thereafter. But The Bella Twins are the only names that stuck to the scene to date. They are still in their prime on the rosters being the marquee attractions on the list.

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Nikki Bella net worth is bigger between the two sisters considering her brand value. She has been much busier to establish herself as a woman entrepreneur. Brie, on the other hand, was busy to build her own family with Daniel Bryan having a baby. So WWE values the elder one rather than the younger one. Nikki Bella salary paid by the WWE is quite unmatchable. We would see a breakdown of her earnings in the next segment.

Well, it definitely pays to be a Bella. Every woman should dream to become a member of the Bella Army. Especially Nikki Bella salary and net worth reached a mind-boggling figure indicating how hard she worked. Furthermore, her 6-year relationship with John Cena helped her to garner massive attention from the audience. Unfortunately, the relationship is no more which could be a growth factor for Nikki Bella net worth.

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The elder of the Bella Twins is not only a wrestler anymore. She is a businesswoman, model, TV, and movie actor, at the same time. They have launched their own wine brand named Belle Radici and clothing brand, Birdiebee. These two business ventures had huge success since the launch giving a huge boost to Nikki Bella net worth. But the biggest reason of her fame would be E!’s WWE-centric docu-series Total Divas.

The exact earning from these shows for Nikki Bella is not available. But there’s no denying that the show changed the entire career for her. The twins have not been in a good position in the company until Total Divas launched. Nikki Bella and John Cena’s relationship have been a major part of the show from the very beginning. Nikki Bella salary went higher from 2013 onwards, i.e. the year the show launched.

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Gradually, it became a regular program in the WWE earning a spin-off series, Total Bellas. Nikki Bella managed to make herself an asset to the WWE brand through this programming. Forbes reported that the two shows positively affected WWE revenues in the last few years. So they went on to introduce another such spin-off series on the USA Network featuring The Miz and Maryse.

So despite some of the fans giving negative reactions to Total Divas and Total Bellas, they will continue to be a part of TV in the future. The Mag reported the following about the E reality series that has started broadcasting the eighth season, recently,

“WWE attributed its 17 percent growth (23 percent in North America) from the prior year quarter to ‘the impact of certain licensed television series,’ in addition to ‘contractual increases in key television distribution agreements.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth and FinnApp, Nikki Bella net worth stands within the range of $4 to $5 million. In addition, revealed that Nikki Bella salary would be around $1 million per annum. The actual base salary for the elder Bella from WWE is $350000. She got the highest paycheck amongst all the women superstars in the locker room up to 2016. Thereafter, the neck injury made her a part-timer as Charlotte Flair took away the first position.

But Nikki Bella salary is still the second highest among the female superstars of the WWE. Her status is no less than a franchise player of the company whose contract automatically renews after the expiry date. The same happened following Wrestlemania 33. But the deal got extended for three more years which means she will continue to get the above-mentioned amount for the next couple of years. Also, the gap between Nikki Bella salary drawn in a year and the base salary is a must-mention.

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Apparently, $750000 goes into Nikki Bella net worth just from other sources of income apart from the base salary. This points out the brand that this lady has become today.

The two previously mentioned E reality shows give huge paychecks to the almost $5 million Nikki Bella net worth. The Kardashians have their own shows Keeping Up with an annual deal of $100 million with the E Network signed in 2015. Bella Twins’ deal is definitely not up to their level but their salary figure is no less than other similar cable reality show cast members. Here’s an update from an agent who spoke to Business Insider,

“For those docu-ensembles, especially if they’re nobodies, per episode it ranges from low-end, like $1,500 an episode, to $3,000 at the high end,” an agent explained to Business Insider in 2016. “And then after three years of success, it can go up to $7,000 to $10,000 an episode. After that, you start moving into the Kardashian level.”

The Bella Queen has all the potentials to move to the same spot as Kardashians as she has incredible celebrity power within her. Nikki Bella salary from the WWE also witnessed a huge increment from her starting days. Initially, WWE used to pay the two sisters around only $80000-$90000 per year during 2007-08. So their base payment witnessed an increment of almost 300 percent to date. Her non-wrestling appearances on behalf of the WWE is one of the main reasons behind that.

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The company made Nikki Bella as one of the most marketable players of this generation. Plus, there’s no denying that she is one of the gorgeous ladies on planet earth right now. So this pretty face worth a lot right now with uncountable media, comic-con and photoshoot appearances for the WWE or representing her own brand. Figures suggest that she topped the list of producing the most in terms of her share in the merchandise revenue among all women superstars.

No wonder why Nikki Bella net worth reached to such an incredible figure of almost $5 million. With their shows’ growing popularity it will only increase. She owned a house in New York that had a market value of 3 million dollars in 2014. But we have not seen her staying in that house during her Total Divas days as she got hitched with John Cena. They resided in a big mansion in Tampa, Florida. It had a giant wardrobe specially designed for Nikki Bella with a size of a guest room.

The spacious mansion had an indoor pool and a rock cave with splendid decoration all over around. The Total Divas and Total Bellas crew members used this as a set-piece for the first six seasons when the relationship was intact. Cena gifted her former girl-friend a Range Rover in 2013 and later a house in San Diego, California which also counts under Nikki Bella net worth. Unfortunately, it’s of no use for now as she moved out of it earlier this year following the breakup.

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The former Champion in the WWE always wanted to be someone who is self-reliant. She could care the least about people taking shots to her for being John Cena’s girlfriend. Accusations were that she was using the poster boy of the company as an easy way of success. But she worked hard as much as possible to get to the point in her career that she is standing, right now. Here are her comments on this matter while talking to Forbes,

“I started working at 15 and haven’t stopped since then. So I always knew that my bills get paid first and dreams come next. I would always make sure that I made my shifts, bills were paid, saving money, and then I’d start to do what I loved. “The moment you know you made it is when you get paid to do something that you love. For me it’s like, I get paid because this is my job, but it doesn’t feel like a job. It feels like summer camp.”

Brie and Nikki Bella started to feature in TV shows even before their debut in the WWE. They were part of the NBC’s Meet My Folks in 2002. The latter one also appeared as herself in shows like Psych and Clash Time. Later they featured in short roles in a movie named Confessions of a Womaniser. But nothing comes close in significance as Total Divas or Total Bellas that opened an entirely new perspective to see the WWE Superstars. Their emotions, hard-fought battles in daily lives are open to us making the show a huge success.

The E Network show became one of the highest-rated shows on the network. These managed to retain the spot in the upper half, in terms of viewership and television ratings for the channel. This is why the channel renewed Total Divas for two more seasons and Total Bellas for one more. Currently, the eighth installment of the franchise show is up on air starting from 19th September.

The gorgeous lady is also a real estate agent with a valid license. It would definitely serve to ensure a bright future for Nikki Bella salary and net worth once WWE career gets officially over. Meanwhile, she continued to feature in new wrestling things in the WWE that automatically garners mainstream attention. Plus, mainstream media events and award nights witness her on the red carpet which always keeps the spotlight on her.

Last year, Nikki Bella net worth got a huge boost as she participated in the dance reality show, Dancing with the Stars on NBC. She managed to go through the half-way of the season before elimination. WWE commentator and show-host Renee Young rightly said that she had not seen a woman like Nikki Bella who is always busy in some new ventures.

Born on 21st November 1983, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace and is the elder of the Bella Twins, as mentioned previously. Unlike the today’s women wrestlers, she had the least experience in wrestling kind of things. They did have the experience of working on independent promotions nor did she belonged to an enriched professional wrestling family. Instead, she used to be a footballer in her high school days in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.

They had the aspiration of becoming a model eventually leading to participate in WWE Diva Search 2006. That finally landed them a contract with the company ensuring security for Nikki Bella net worth. The Twin Magic spread on WWE like magic that went even bigger after Bella Twins re-signed with the company in 2013. Nikki Bella won the crown from the women’s division. She should always be the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time with a 301-day reign as the title was retired in 2016.

If that was enough of a milestone, then these are the two ladies who started the hashtag of ‘Give Divas a Chance’ on the social media. This marked the beginning of Women’s Revolution in the company that changed the course. Today, there is no difference between the men and women roster when it comes to the main event scene. No wonder why WWE kept Nikki Bella salary figure as much high as possible. With her mainstream popularity and huge fan following on social media, she will continue to be a symbol of Women Empowerment.

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