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On an episode of their podcast, Nikki Bella previously revealed that she had seriously considered joining WWE’s rival promotion, AEW at one point. But she ultimately backed down from making an approach toward AEW President and CEO Tony Khan since she has her own priorities with her family and son over her wrestling aspirations.

During the AEW Dynasty post-show media scrum, AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm made a remark at Nikki Bella, suggesting why she didn’t join AEW. The comments were totally non-PG and scathing which stated that the former WWE Star couldn’t “hold a ‘p****-scented candle’” to what Storm was accomplishing in AEW,

“You know why she didn’t? Because then she saw me and realized she can’t hold a p*****-scented candle to what I do. I am the one taking this company to new heights, and I don’t even try to, I’m just being me and it’s the greatest thing I could ever be. It’s the greatest thing that could happen to you too.”

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A few days after these scathing remarks left pro-wrestling fans wondering about Nikki Bella and her future, she finally responded to Toni Storm’s provocative comment. Her reply came to an Instagram post featuring Storm’s comment and it was short, “P**** Scented Candle huh?? [thinking emoji]”

Nikki Bella left her mark in professional wrestling before leaving WWE

Although there is no timeline or update available regarding Nikki Bella’s return to wrestling, there’s a huge fanbase of the Fearless One and they undoubtedly be thrilled to even imagine that idea. Time will tell if AEW could pan out a story out of this sudden angle that brewed between Storm and the former WWE Divas Champion.

Nikki Bella alongside her sister Brie Bella, combinedly touted to be The Bella Twins left a significant mark in professional wrestling and inspired many to join this sport. They were the duo that brought tons of mainstream eyes to the WWE product in their prime days in the company in the last decade. At one point, they were utilized to be the brand ambassadors of the company which essentially made them WWE-lifers.

However, the departure of Brie and Nikki Bella from the WWE, last year surprised many fans, leading to speculation about their next moves. Being so much vested in the world of pro-wrestling, they were heavily rumored to be joining AEW, but she ultimately reconsidered her decision. Time will tell whether that stance will change after the remarks that Storm has made.

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