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Nikki Bella once used to be the brand ambassador of the WWE when Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis were running things in the company. Those days are long gone and so is the former WWE Divas Champion after having a major fallout with the company a year ago. Following this, many thought that All Elite Wrestling could be her next destination which isn’t the case, till now.

But there has been an instance when Nikki Bella did want to volunteer and commit to the company for one full year. However, with family being her focus, she had to go through a second thought and take a step back. For the time being, there’s no certainty on whether she will make a comeback to the squared circle.

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During the recent episode of their podcast, The Nikki & Brie Show, the former WWE Divas Champion revealed that she had seriously considered joining Tony Khan’s AEW. The thought hit her hard after witnessing the debut of their top signing, Mercedes Mone. She mentioned how she always thinks about wrestling and committing for one year seemed easy for her.

“When I saw Mercedes [Mercedes Mone] debut and cut her promo, that line stuck with me, ‘Here, we’re going to make the evolution worldwide.’ I was like, ‘They do.’ It goes into many leagues, is what she means, it doesn’t have to be at one place,” Nikki Bella noted.

“It can be at all these places where all these women are wrestling at. I go, ‘Brie, I think I can do it for a year. I can do it here to here and go every week.’”

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Nikki Bella held back wrestling return thinking about her baby

But then again, Nikki Bella thought of her baby Matteo who remains her priority. She would never want him to grow old and complain about not getting enough time from her mother. So, the former champion chose to hold back her decision to approach Tony Khan and make a big move in her career,

“Then, I thought of Matteo. I had a good week of like, ‘This is it. I’m going to call Tony Khan. I’m your girl. I will commit.’ Then, I was like, ‘I can’t do that to my son right now. He needs me.”

While Nikki Bella was mostly part of the WWE Divas era, she was able to briefly become a part of the Women’s Evolution after coming back to action from a career-threatening neck injury. Apart from being a champion in the WWE, she and her twin sister also started the trend of the reality TV series Total Divas with their colleagues which also brought more eyes to the WWE product.

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