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Back during the NXT 2.0 era, Persia Pirotta now known as Steph De Lander used to be one of the most entertaining characters. Via a steamy angle with Duke Hudson, she garnered attention, quite easily on TV but that wasn’t enough to keep her position intact in the company.

We saw some rare make-out scenes on NXT TV like the ones we’ve seen between Persia Pirotta and her on-screen boyfriend Duke Hudson. That romantic angle was supposed to be dragged but the WWE management decided that they no longer needed Pirotta. Hence, she and nine other NXT 2.0 stars were released from their contracts after which Steph De Lander arrived to rule the indie scene.

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Recently while speaking to the Insight Podcast hosted by Chris Vin Vliet, Steph De Lander reflected on her stint in the WWE and what future possibly holds for her. In an interesting segment from the conversation, the former WWE Superstar pointed out having red lips all the time which was inspired by none other than WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella.

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Interestingly, the clip shared on social media was noticed by the 2021 WWE Hall of Famer and she gave a shoutout to the Australian female pro-wrestling talent. Back in Nikki’s heyday in the WWE, Nikki’s all-red in-ring gear was a hit and many paid homage to it including Mandy Rose who was the star power of the NXT 2.0 era.

Steph De Lander keen on enjoying her independent stint

During the interview, Steph De Lander mentioned that a WWE return would be the end-game of her career but she’s in no rush to make it happen. She then also described learning to “pack up that WWE box”. In the process, she would allow herself to focus on what she has been doing on the independent scene. With that, faith is also growing inside her about getting new interest from WWE and elsewhere,

“So I kind of had to like pack up that WWE box and put it away and really focus on what I was doing. And then have the faith and know that if I do what I need to do, and I work really hard and I commit fully to this. The end result will be I be getting new interest from WWE and from elsewhere, which I have, because of how hot our act is.” (quotes courtesy WrestleZone)

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