NXT Battleground 2024
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A historic affair went down at NXT Battleground 2024 WWE premium live event where TNA’s resident Jordynne Grace appeared to be the challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship held by Roxanne Perez. This cross-brand matchup was one of the major attractions for the PLE that also marked the first joint venture between WWE and UFC and it went down from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In this match at NXT Battleground 2024, Roxanne Perez (c) ultimately defeated TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace to retain the NXT Women’s Championship. While Perez managed to secure a clean pin-fall win, it didn’t come before chaos ensued at ringside following a couple of interferences including another appearance from a former WWE Superstar.

The TNA Knockouts Champion arrived in a white gear flexing her muscles as the NXT Battleground 2024 audience chanted “TNA” to boost her confidence in what could be a hostile territory for her. On the flip side, Roxanne Perez remained calm and composed before going toe-to-toe with such a powerhouse performer.

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Perez punished the TNA Champion by targeting her shoulder throughout this match at NXT Battleground 2024. There was a spot when Grace escaped a Pop-Rox attempt and planted her on the mat. It was then that Tatum Paxley appeared at ringside and attempted to steal the TNA Knockouts Championship but she was interrupted by Ash by Elegance (whom the commentator Vic Joseph almost called Dana Brooke, her former WWE name but then he rectified himself).

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Distracted by this instance, Grace headed outside the ring she laid out both of them with big blows before coming back to the ring. She was quick to hoist up Perez and plant her with the Juggernaut Driver but Perez countered with a cutter. She successfully transitioned it into a Pop-Rox to get the clean win at NXT Battleground 2024.

Meanwhile, Ash by Elegance appeared to be yet another crossover appearance at NXT Battleground 2024, last night. Known as Dana Brooke to the WWE Universe, she was released by WWE in September 2023 while she was performing on the NXT brand. After ending a decade-long run with the company, she signed a contract with TNA in January to make her first appearance at Hard to Kill PPV.

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