Sting is coming to WWE?

 According to sources former WCW and NWA legend, who currently works in TNA, might come to WWE! It’s seriously a big thing. Sting is a very big name in professional wrestling, a man who never worked for Vince McMahon. Steve Borden ‘Sting’

Top 10 Heel wrestlers of pre attitude Era part 3

 3. Ric Flair : We all know what a great heel the nature boy was. Ric Flair’s stable The four Horsemen is one of the best heel stables of all times. He debut to professional wrestling in 1972. He was made famous by

Forgotten Greats : Yokozuna

This is a series of articles where we shall look back into the history of World Wrestling Entertainment and talk about some of the great forgotten superstars about the company. WWE always produced lots of talents, some succeeded with WWE, and some

WWE SummerSlam : Review and Results

Although the event was too much predictable, it was a great event. SummerSlam was one of the most anticipated events of the year till now, and it did not disappoint the fans. The best thing about this event was Triple H and

How to make WWE Battleground more interesting

Two weeks to go till the newest PPV takes place at Buffalo, New York. Two matches have already been listed for the event but are they really look very interesting? A lot of matches are yet to be added. One of the

Has Big Show’s rebel took place a little earlier?

Has Big Show’s rebel took place a little earlier?- The topic analyzed by Jeet Majumdar Critics all over the world are criticizing the current heel gimmick of Triple H by naming it a ‘cartoon villain’. But no one can one single thing,

WWE Raw Results 28/10/13

The show started as the new World Heavyweight champion John Cena entered the arena stating that he is back. He thanked JBL for his early return. Cena expressed his happiness for becoming WWE champion. He talked about Randy Orton’s celebration later on

Jim Ross talks about Eddie Guerrero in his latest blog

WWE hall of famer Jim Ross wrote a blog on by remembering late great Eddie Guerrero, here is what he wrote; “Before Eddie became a born again Christian, there were multiple Eddie’s. There was the ‘good’ Eddie who was soft spoken, caring and