Ex-WWE Star Renee Young Shares Latest Pregnancy Photos

Ex-WWE Star Renee Young Shares Latest Pregnancy Photos

Renee Young
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Renee Young and Jon Moxley are expecting a baby girl and the professional wrestling circuit is more than happy for them. Both of them are extremely popular since their days in the WWE. Their dedication to work and the ability to stay out of controversy are some aspects that are rare in today’s world.

As seen on Instagram Renee Young has shared a few glimpses from her latest prega routines. She is apparently doing a lot of workouts as “it’s been so important to maintain working out during pregnancy.”

She’s trying a lot to be fit and it’s been reflected in the latest pregnant photos posted via the social media site. A lot of her ex-colleagues have mentioned how she looked cute as a button in those couple of shots.

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As per the recent updates Renee Young might have been in the 30th-week stage in her first pregnancy journey. She was very happy the way husband Jon Moxley broke the news out in November 2020 through a casual promo on All Elite Wrestling’s weekly Dynamite episode. But before that, the couple kept it a secret only to themselves for at least a few weeks.

Renee Young thought it would a bad idea to be pregnant in the pandemic

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Renee Young revealed that she thought it would be a terrible idea to embrace motherhood during the pandemic, but time is going really fast. The ex-WWE star believes that her child will be here in no time. So she’s beyond excited.

“So, I am coming up on five months, yeah, I’m getting there [more than halfway through] it’s really, yeah it’s wild. The time goes by so fast which is weird because you would think because of COVID, like as soon as I found out I was like, ‘oof we’re in for the long-haul here,’ but no, the time has been going by really really fast. I guess the time blends together when we’re here in COVID world, but before we know it, she’ll be here.” (Quotes courtesy Ringside News)

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Renee Young mentioned how it’s nice to be at home during the pandemic. That makes her pregnancy easier, and this is the reason she isn’t complaining either while staying at home and in her sweatpants all day. This was one of the reasons she opted to leave the WWE in mid-2020 as she would still have to be on the road, something she wouldn’t prefer.

During the interview, Renee Young also revealed that there have been some tough times when it came down to getting a visa and green card. WWE helped her to sort out the issues and that was the reason she didn’t leave the company, earlier than expected.

Renee added that there were times while she was dating Jon Moxley aka former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, that her green card was rejected. Jon would often joke, “well, I guess you’re just gonna have to marry me.” The two eventually got married in 2017 but it wasn’t definitely for a Green Card. While Jon was a resident of Cincinnati in the US, Renee was brought up in Toronto, Canada. The two now live in Las Vegas.