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Away from the WWE squared circle, Ronda Rousey offered her autobiography to the fans in recent times and she also went on a rant against the company during the promotion of the book. The former champion revealed several backstage scoops during this timespan which also expressed her bitterness toward her previous workspace.

She was crystal clear in her response while shedding light on her tenure. It was also affirmed that she has no intention of returning to the WWE. While speaking on Steve-O’s Wild Ride, Ronda Rousey again clarified that her in-ring future with WWE is permanently over. She might only wrestle in the independent circuit where she wants to compete on her own terms,

“If I wrestle from now on, I’m just gonna do it on like an indie show where I can wrestle for as long as I want and prepare for as long as I want, and do whatever moves I wanna do and just do it with my friends and take all the anxiety out of it because it’s just so needlessly stressful and dangerous, the way they do it.”

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Ronda Rousey wasn’t happy in the WWE with Vince McMahon’s booking

It was in August 2023 that Ronda Rousey made headlines in the wrestling world with her departure from the WWE following her SummerSlam match against Shayna Baszler. She opted to take a break from professional wrestling after that match which eventually turned out to be her retirement match from the WWE unless the scene changed drastically.

While Ronda Rousey unconditionally blasted Vince McMahon for running things in the WWE in a stagnant way, Triple H was praised. The former UFC Hall of Famer helmed Triple H for his exceptional treatment of the women in the industry and the belief is that he utilized their abilities to kick off the women’s revolution.

Ronda Rousey credited The Game as the primary reason for her presence in WWE. Additionally, Triple H’s creative direction was also needed for the betterment of her tenure in the company but ultimately it was marred by Vince’s process. It ultimately led to her expected departure from the WWE, last summer.

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