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Ronda Rousey holding bad vibes toward the WWE knew no bounds as implicated by her during the entire Wrestlemania season. She told it all in her new book, Our Fight: A Memoir, which was released on April 2. Ahead of the worldwide release of the book, she was seen in various promotional activities around her book where she also blasted the Vince McMahon-regime in the company.

In an interview with Cageside Seats, Ronda Rousey further detailed her frustrations with her time at the company and how she felt mismanaged when Vince McMahon was in charge of things. It was also noted that even when McMahon retired on July 22, 2022, his influence was still felt through WWE Executive Director Bruce Prichard. Ultimately, McMahon returned and Rousey left the company the following year.

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In the meantime, McMahon’s leadership in the WWE didn’t last long he resigned from the company and TKO Group Holding on January 26 after being accused of sexual assault and sex trafficking by former employee Janel Grant. Following this, Triple H became the sole controller of WWE content by being the Chief Content Officer.

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Ronda Rousey wanted to end her WWE career under Triple H’s booking

Speaking in the interview, Ronda Rousey spoke highly of Triple H and wished that he should have been entirely in charge, dating back to her return to WWE in 2022 in her second tenure,

“I’m so glad that it’s getting turned around. Triple H has been great towards the women in the company and really believing in us. He’s the whole reason that I was there, ‘cause he believed in me. I really wish that my last run was under Triple H running things and Vince being gone.”

Although Ronda Rousey was unhappy with her experience with the WWE and also never intends to make a return to the company in the future, she was booked in a dominant way in her first stint which led her to become the Raw Women’s Champion and then led to the birth of the first-ever all-women Wrestlemania main event.

This is the reason peers like Jonathan Coachman criticized Ronda Rousey on the Behind The Turnbuckle podcast, stating that during his time with WWE, he never saw her put in the work to accept in the business. So he felt that the former champion was hiding her own shortcomings and blaming others for her lack of success.

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