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Roxanne Perez is one of the brightest talents on the WWE roster who has already proven her potential on NXT by winning multiple titles. The two-time NXT Women’s Champion also held the Women’s Tag Team Title once in her career and she is now showcasing a bonafide heel persona for the first time in her WWE career.

It’s no secret that Roxanne Perez is a fan of AJ Lee who is long retired from professional wrestling. Another former pioneer figure from NXT, Mandy Rose believes that the spirit of AJ continues to live on in the WWE’s current roster via the two-time NXT Champion.

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Lee is mostly remembered for her success in the WWE despite comparatively being one of the WWE’s smallest performers. But she did showcase her passion and personality for wrestling, something that Rose sees in Roxanne Perez as spoken on The Power Alphas podcast,

“She’s so passionate about the business. She always reminded me of a young little AJ Lee. I just think she is such a sweet person, really genuine, really good. For her age, I was always very shocked of how crisp and amazing her work was in the ring. I love her heel work right now currently.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

Roxanne Perez won’t retire until facing AJ Lee in a match

It should be mentioned that Roxanne Perez isn’t the only NXT talent to be compared to the former WWE Divas Champion, as WWE Hall of Famer Booker T previously labeled Cora Jade as a “firecracker” persona much like Lee was during her WWE run. Interestingly, both these two young ladies from the roster have previously referred to Lee as one of their inspirations for coming to professional wrestling in the first place.

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Recently while speaking on Ring the Belle, Roxanne Perez was asked about AJ Lee possibly returning to WWE. In reply, she vowed not to hang up her boots until AJ makes a comeback to the wrestling ring to compete with her in a match,

“It’s going, we’re trying. Hopefully, one day, she’ll come back and maybe we can all do something together. That would be, that would be like my dream. I can’t retire until I have a match against AJ Lee. So you know, I can’t be 80 years old wrestling either, so.”

Apart from Roxanne Perez, AJ Lee inspired many with her short yet significant success story in WWE. She is credited for beginning the WWE Women’s Revolution even in the Divas era. She left pro wrestling in 2015, immediately after WrestleMania 31 but that didn’t stop the speculations of her in-ring return rumors even after a decade of that departure.

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