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Maxxine Dupri has earned her share of credits by showcasing her wrestling skills since arriving on the main roster in early 2023. She was working as a valet while staying on NXT but the urge of becoming a wrestler became a reality after she entered the mainstay scene on Raw.

Now that Maxxine Dupri is frequently starring in regular singles matches on WWE TV, she certainly hopes to break into the scene and be a part of the 30-women Royal Rumble match waiting at the WWE Royal Rumble Premium Live Event set for January 27, 2024, at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. There’s a common surprise aspect attached to the show because surprise entrances generally light things up in a big way.

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However, Maxxone Dupri isn’t sure that she will be competing as part of the Royal Rumble event in 2024. Her current ongoing storylines indicate that she is still training to be a pro wrestler and hasn’t gotten to the full-fledged state, yet.

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Maxxine Dupri unsure whether she’s ready to Rumble

While speaking to Joe Vulpis on Lightweights, she was further asked if she’s been training with Chad Gable and Otis for the Royal Rumble. In reply, Maxxine Dupri confirmed that she isn’t sure if she will be competing in the Women’s Royal Rumble match,

“I’m ready. We’ve been training. We’re staying training. I don’t know yet. I hope so.”

In a previous interview with Busted Open Radio, Alpha Academy’s Gable who is acting as her main trainer, showered Maxxine Dupri with praise for quickly learning the basics of pro-wrestling. WWE Universe experienced the struggles first-hand and they have also seen those moves to excel which is why they support her wholeheartedly,

“She’s at TV every week and learning how to do an arm drag or suplex — there are people coaching her, myself included. You’re watching it happen, and I think that’s what [has] connected [with] people — it’s like, they got that. This is real, this is organic, [and] we’re watching this girl kinda [learn to wrestle].”

There’s no update on what future plans WWE has with the former Sofia Cornwell who has improved a lot since coming to the main roster. Her transition to the Maxxine Dupri character earned natural babyface reactions which genuinely hints at tons of potential of the talent.

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