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Meet Rusev Wife Lana and His Family 

Meet Rusev Wife Lana and His Family
Rusev and Lana - Courtesy

Rusev Wife Lana and his Family ∼ WWE Superstar Rusev has always been one of the controversial names around the company. He was born to become a bonafide heel star ever since arriving on the roster in 2014. It was fortunate for him that he received none other than Lana by his side as manager. If fans have the slightest doubts about Rusev’s potential, she was the one to wipe it out. Acting as a shield for Rusev, she has always been the eye-candy for the WWE Universe. Thus the ‘we want Lana’ chants turned out to be quite useful for his career.

Later Lana became an integral part of Rusev family. She already possessed a brilliant accent of Russian that invented the earlier gimmick for her. Now she is officially a member of Rusev family who is a Latvian from the root. After initial miscommunication among themselves, we assume that Lana has become a perfect version of Rusev wife.

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Rusev had to overcome the barrier of being an outsider in the WWE to become a superstar. His initial character portrayal resembles an athlete who could not speak much of English in proper accent. Even Rusev wife had the same problem (on a kayfabe note). But later they both managed to cope up good at their job and went to become the hottest couple of the WWE.

Rusev was born with the real name of Miroslav Barnyashev in on December 25, 1984. His birthplace was Plovdiv which was then in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. Slavka Barnyasheva is his father, whereas, Slavka Barnyasheva is his mother. We have spotted both of them during Total Divas taping in 2016. Rusev family belonged from the core of Bulgaria. It is why WWE wanted to build him as the superstar who has hatred towards America.

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The Bulgarian Brute gimmick received negative reactions from the crowd due to some expected reasons. Rusev family used to be always bigger than the country of the USA which the crowd could not stand, at all. Once WWE gave him an undefeated streak following his debut. During this entire timespan, he not only insulted the Americans but also disrespected the American Flag. It stirred utter controversies which forced WWE to address the matter.

Rusev wife, Lana was the constant favourite for the fans. However, she was already famous for working in numerous movies, TV shows, photo-shoots, and countless other endorsements. Plus her revealing pictures on always keep the social media on fire, all along. It is why WWE inserted her in a non-PG storyline alongside Dolph Ziggler.

Rusev started blasting her manager cum future wife in 2015 for his failures. It forced Lana to start an alliance with Dolph Ziggler that witnessed a romantic involvement. We saw some passionate kisses between these twos. Rusev took redemption by getting into a relationship against Summer Raw, on the other hand.

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Things went out of hands, as the storyline turned out to be non-PG. So an announcement came on the social media that Lana will soon become Rusev wife following the engagement. WWE cancelled the angle, quickly and got them back on the same page, as Rusev family.

Rusev earned the nickname of Super-athlete for a definite reason. She used to compete in rowing and powerlifting during school days. Later Rusev family emigrated from Bulgaria to the United States. They were residents of Virginia before relocating to Torrance, California. Their boy received Gangrel and Rikishi, as wrestling mentors to become the Super-athlete that he is today.

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He soon signed a developmental contract with WWE developmental FCW to start further training. Rusev met Lana through NXT in 2013. Those days became close, as WWE appointed Lana as the social ambassador for the Bulgarian Brute. A strong reel-life couple got formed at backstage that soon realised the brewing love for each other. They decided to get committed to each other soon after coming to the main roster.

Later they decided to get married in 2016. But the problem was that Rusev family was quite strict. They wanted to have the wedding in a traditional core manner. Rusev wife, Lana wanted to have a dream destination wedding in a beach. So we witnessed a rift between these two through the Total Divas series.

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But they reached an agreement by adopting a unique idea. Rusev and Lana got married not once but twice in both the manners. E Network covered both of these marriage ceremonies which Rusev family and other WWE superstars attended. Rusev wife was still angry with the fact that she had to go through some kinds of peculiar Bulgarian rituals that irritated her. But, they ultimately pulled it off successfully and started a new chapter in life as a happy couple.

Today Total Divas made both Rusev and Lana big mainstream superstars. Both of them are Christians by nature who have faith in God. WWE pays them handsome salary amounts that took Rusev properties which is worth 1 million dollars. Rusev wife is even more popular than her having millions of followers. With several movies and TV shows under her name, she also possesses more than 1 million dollars.

Rusev family now resides in Nashville, Tennessee in a big mansion. The former US Champion wanted to bring a new member to Rusev family in the form of a baby. But Lana has the goal to secure the top spot in the women’s division as a wrestler. So she is not willing to give birth to a baby, right now. So they might decide to focus back on their career before welcoming a child.

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