Sasha Banks: Kiera Hogan Doesn't Hate WWE Star For Blue Hair

Sasha Banks: Kiera Hogan Doesn’t Hate WWE Star For Blue Hair

Sasha Banks
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Sasha Banks is literally running the Women’s Division since 2020. Being the top-most wrestler female wrestler in the world, she’s at a place to call herself the Blueprint of the Women’s Division. So she has to carry a bigger chip on her shoulder all the time. Even stars from other promotions are targeting her.

Impact Wrestling star Kiera Hogan took a shot at Sasha Banks for copying her style. Many did think that it was about the blue hair of her. But Hogan made it clear that it wasn’t about the same hair color. She was perhaps referring to the overall looks of the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion, the cousin of Snoop Dogg.

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During a recent Instagram live session, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz read a comment from a fan who brought Sasha Banks into the situation. The fan said, “you can’t be on top with 50k followers. Sasha has 5 mil.”

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Hogan replied back with the following comments, “Bro, I love her. That’s who really started Evolution, that’s who! Her and AJ [Lee] and the Knockouts.” Steelz then sarcastically asked a question about who botches all of their dives in WWE. “It’s some female,” Steelz said.

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Kiera Hogan then made it clear that this isn’t about the blue hair of Sasha Banks that she took a shot, previously. “It’s blue. Like, I’m not mad about blue hair. Leva Bates also has blue hair.”

Hogan was seemingly referring to Banks out more than her blue hair. She never mentioned clearly what it was actually about. Sasha Banks has not responded to Kiera Hogan, at all about this issue. Perhaps, she is aware that Kiera is trying to take a shortcut route to stardom using her name. After all, it’s the smartest choice.

Sasha Banks is the 2020 Wrestler of the Year


Sasha Banks: Kiera Hogan Doesn't Hate WWE Star For Blue Hair 2

In 2020, Sasha Banks has won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, RAW Women’s Championship, and the Smackdown Women’s Championship that makes her a bonafide Grand Slam Champion who also has a run with the NXT Women’s Title, six years ago. Banks also had a tremendous rivalry with Bayley last year, where she ultimately beat Bayley to win the Smackdown Women’s Title, for the first time.

The consistency in Sasha Banks’ performance in 2020 has paid off as she ranked number one on Sports Illustrated’s Top 10 Wrestlers Of 2020, surpassing names like Tetsuya Naito, Roman Reigns, Jon Moxley, and many more. She has proven to be a fighting champion during her current reign which should continue until, at least WrestleMania 37.