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Sasha Banks was all over the news headlines in May 2022 and beyond after she walked out of the WWE along with Naomi after relinquishing their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. After leaving the company, both women went hush-hush about their careers before popping up for two different promotions.

While Sasha Banks adopted the Mercedes Mone moniker in NJPW to become the IWGP Women’s Champion, Naomi went by her real name of Trinity to capture the Impact Knockouts Championship.

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While Naomi had a smooth road so far, Mercedes Mone’s rise came to a screeching halt after she suffered a leg injury, earlier this year. If the current updates are any indications then she is almost ready to return to the ring but her contract status with NJPW is still up in the air. Many fans believed that she would eventually go to AEW as she was in attendance for AEW All-In, earlier this year. But those talks are not active, as of this writing.

But since the Royal Rumble is approaching and this is an event where you can expect the unexpected, rumors have started circulating that Sasha Banks could be heading back to the WWE for the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

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No contract talks between Sasha Banks and WWE ahead of Royal Rumble?

SEScoops has since reported that they have been informed by internal sources within WWE that no contract talks between Sasha Banks and WWE have happened, thus far. Even the creative team hasn’t discussed any plans regarding her return to the company as a member of the WWE team even stating that “Sasha Banks’ name will only come up when there’s a deal.”

Previously Eric Bischoff and Konnan sounded positive about Sasha Banks coming back to the WWE under a new creative team. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T also opened up about this on his Hall of Fame podcast as he feels that the former champion belongs to WWE because it doesn’t feel right seeing her elsewhere,

“Whether it’s Mercedes Mone or whether it’s Sasha Banks, to me — remember when you were talking about Jade and when she was in AEW? I love Jade. I think she’s great, but Jade Cargill has WWE written all over her. What was your terminology? I feel some people just feel right in WWE, some just feel right. And when they go somewhere else, it’s cool. But it’s like, it just doesn’t feel the same.”

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