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There was a time when the WWE Women’s Division was incomplete without the presence of Sasha Banks. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she was happy with her time and schedule in the company. She definitely needed more time with her family as well as in outside projects which the grueling WWE schedule was unable to provide. This is one of the significant reasons why she finally decided to walk out of the company when Vince McMahon was still in control of the creative team.

Since that departure, Sasha Banks headed to Japan to become a champion but an injury halted all the momentums. Now that she’s recovered from the bad times, there are tons of speculations about her future which included a return to the WWE. Although she’s almost confirmed to join All Elite Wrestling in the coming weeks, a former rival of hers believes that she could come back to the WWE to wrestle her.

During an interview with Gorilla Position, Bianca Belair was asked about the possibility of Sasha Banks returning to the WWE. She revealed that she has discussed it with the former WWE Women’s Champion but she respects her decision and desires in or outside the WWE.

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Bianca Belair hopes to renew feud with Sasha Banks in the WWE

Belair expressed her belief that they are capable of creating magic in the ring considering what they are capable of bringing to the table as individual competitors and champions. Belair also sounded hopeful about getting to resume the journey together with Sasha Banks in the future,

“I think there was so much more magic to be made, not only with us inside the ring, but with me being champion at the time, and the tag team champions, I saw so much representation that was on the verge of happening, so much greatness that was going to happen. The fact that it was all halted at that point, I would love for it to pick back up one day and take off.”

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Of course, Bianca Belair also reflected on the historic match she had with Sasha Banks in WWE at WrestleMania 37, where they became the first two African American women to headline a WrestleMania event. Plus, this match also served as the first singles encounter to have ended the card of Wrestlemania. Belair emerged victorious, claiming the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship in the process on that night.

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