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Stephanie McMahon salary is pretty much higher, considering she’s an icon among all the female entrepreneurs all around the United States of America. She’s the co-owner of the WWE who also acts as on-screen talent. Plus, she has been the backbone of the Women’s Evolution in WWE for the past several years.

The efforts of dragging the female stars to the front while breaking the barriers with male superstars were noticed. Plus, she acted as the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE who often represents the brand in front of the global market. These tireless works increase Stephanie McMahon salary as she has been ranked #2 on the Forbes list of the World’s Most Influential CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers).

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Stephanie McMahon Salary: WWE Chief Brand Officer’s Earning Details 1

As per the reports from, Stephanie McMahon salary, per annum stands at $1,446,133.00. It should be noted that she receives salaries in two sections, one for being the head honcho of the WWE and the other for playing the on-screen role over on Raw or SmackDown, throughout all these years.

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Stephanie McMahon Salary: WWE Chief Brand Officer’s Earning Details

Republicworld reported that Stephanie McMahon salary as the CBO of WWE has been $730,000 in the year 2020. While as a TV performer, she drew a paycheck of $716,133.

Stephanie McMahon salary’s monthly breakdown stands at $120,511.08 while the weekly count is $27,810.25. On a daily basis, she earns $5,562.05. She is also amongst the top ten earners from WWE employees for the last financial year.

Stephanie McMahon Salary: WWE Chief Brand Officer’s Earning Details 2

While comparing the figures from 2019 and 2018, Stephanie McMahon salary was relatively up from the respective figures of 710,000 and $684,125. As a whole, she pulled in $2,027,248, in the latest bygone financial year that keeps her in the same earning list as that of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and the former Co-Presidents of the company George Barrios and Michelle Wilson.

On the contrary of Stephanie McMahon salary, her net worth remained constant as a new SEC filing from WWE revealed that she sold more than $2 million worth of company stock on Monday, September 21 instead of buying new ones. McMahon sold 57,573 shares of Class A Common Stock, priced at $39.18 per share. This brought her a total of around $2,255,710.14. Apparently, this would be spent on building a new home with her husband Triple H.

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