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WWE Universe was left with a pleasant surprise following Stephanie McMahon’s sudden appearance at WrestleMania XL Night Two. It came suddenly after her show-up at the WWE Hall of Fame 2024 ceremony as fans wanted more of hers on TV. They were further treated with the same at the 2024 Draft Night Two which raised the expectations for the fans.

During a recent Q&A session on Fightful Select, Sean Ross Sapp was asked about Stephanie McMahon and her latest status with the WWE. He noted that while WWE has no current plans for her to return in a permanent capacity, she was warmly welcomed by people backstage in her recent TV outings which was a good sign,

“There weren’t any plans of it but she was welcomed back from people backstage.” (quotes courtesy Ringside News)

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It was the same source that previously informed that Stephanie McMahon’s segment was internally listed as a Triple H promo during Wrestlemania 40 Night Two which means that very few would only know that she would be making an appearance,

“The Stephanie McMahon promo was kept very quiet internally and was actually listed as a Triple H promo on the run sheets. She was welcomed backstage by many and has long had a positive reputation within the company.”

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Stephanie McMahon had recent ups and downs with the WWE

After Vince McMahon’s initial departure from the WWE in 2022, Stephanie McMahon served as the co-CEO of the company and made a significant impact on the brand. Then in early 2023, Vince bulldozed his way back to the company which forced her daughter to leave the brand. Vince ultimately had to resign from the WWE following a lawsuit.

Previous reports also claimed that Stephanie McMahon was indicated to be the “Corporate Officer #3” in Janel Grant’s lawsuit against WWE for abuse and sex trafficking. Sources informed them that they were not certain about how she was dealing with the allegations. But this appearance at Wrestlemania hinted at her picking a side in the situation, and it was clearly not Vince’s. TKO is also said to be internally supporting him.

Despite her current status, Stephanie McMahon remained an influential figure in the sports entertainment industry for her contribution to the WWE. Over the years, she built a reputation of her own, and only time will tell whether her services will be required, further in the company.

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