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Kayla Braxton is not only a popular WWE name for her charming personality and professional ethics that she’s been showing over the past several years on TV. She is also highly regarded as someone who possesses the guts to be vocal on different matters on social media. There have been times when she had to black out her social media handles for facing too much negativity but that didn’t change her.

Kayla Braxton never backed down from admitting on public platform about being a product of rape or her bi-personality which garnered tremendous backlash in the past. But being so much of an active person on social media, she just continues to take a stand for herself and what’s right.

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Speaking of suffering so much negativity, Kayla Braxton recently penned a note on X, offering how much difficulty IWC often creates for a renowned personality. While she admitted that there are some gem personalities to admire, the negativity often takes over things.

“IWC [Internet Wrestling Community] defined : you insult our work, our bodies, our personalities etc, while we present a craft we’ve perfected and get paid for so that we can entertain you week after week. The minute we bark back – you call us intolerable. Some of you are so laughable except you’re not funny,” Kayla Braxton continued.

“Not everyone. There’s some gems in the IWC. But the bad eggs really ruin it for everyone.”

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Kayla Braxton continues to be a big part of WWE programming

While it was never clarified which particular instance forced Kayla Braxton to vent out her frustrations on social media, we can only guess that negative reactions from social media were loaded up on her mind for different reasons.

The Smackdown Lowdown host continues to remain positive after coming out in a different shape and look in recent times on social media. By putting up lots of hard work, she was flaunting her weight loss results on X. It appeared that she was on a journey of her own to get rid of that extra weight that she’d gained over time. Plus, staying in the sun and using some Botox helped her to get into the perfect shape.

Kayla Braxton also stepped out of hosting WWE’s The Bump on YouTube in the summer of 2023 which the fans thought to be her departure from the company. But she was later added to the show as a contributor who also continued interviewing stint on Smackdown on a regular basis.

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