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The Rock was touted to be the most valid reason to make Wrestlemania 40 the biggest of all time in the history of the PLE. His comeback at the very beginning of 2024 garnered all the attention of professional wrestling fans. Plus, he was also seen in action in a full-length match for the first time after ten long years.

The good thing is that The Rock’s return to the WWE wasn’t just for a one-off match as he’s become the new head honcho of the TKO brand. This affirms that when the time permits, he will be back on the scene for a big match and it’s going to be a pretty big one.

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The Rock vs. Cody Rhodes planned for Wrestlemania 40

Going by the recent reports, The Rock will be in action at WrestleMania 41, but there are still a few choices when it comes to his opponent. In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that the former WWE Champion is lined up for a match against Cody Rhodes, as of now. A possible WWE Champion vs. People’s Champion match is being planned but that’s only possible if Rhodes holds the title until the Grandest Stage of them All,

“At this point the show is scheduled to feature Cody Rhodes vs. The Rock. Dwayne Johnson’s idea is WWE title vs. People’s title. Those in WWE have noted that there is no guarantee Rhodes will be champion at that time, which is where the people’s belt comes in. But so many things can change over the course of a year.”

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The Rock returned to WWE television in the very first episode of Monday Night Raw which led to his involvement at Wrestlemania 40. Initially slated to challenge Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, the angle changed due to the audience’s immense support for Cody Rhodes.

The Rock was part of the Biggest Tag Team Match in WWE history where he and Roman Reigns defeated Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins on Wrestlemania 40 Night One main event. He was also present on Night Two to offer help to Reigns in his match against Rhodes but ultimately the latter prevailed and won the WWE Championship.

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