The Undertaker Hints To Return In WWE For One More Match

The Undertaker Hints To Return In WWE For One More Match

The Undertaker
courtesy WWE

The Undertaker is said to be retired from in-ring competition although WWE has never admitted, openly. It was Mark Calaway himself who expressed his happiness after featuring in a match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36. He’d have no regret if not stepping into the ring, ever again after that Boneyard Match.

This was the statement released by The Undertaker by the end of The Last Ride documentation on the WWE Network, earlier this year. This was the way that WWE opted to end that docuseries on Taker’s life, calling it a curtain on his illustrious career. But that doesn’t mean that his career has really come to an end.

The Undertaker Hints To Return In WWE For One More Match

The Undertaker Hints To Return In WWE For One More Match 1

The Undertaker has previously noted how he would be open to doing one more match if Vince McMahon wants and that could be the case at next WrestleMania.

While speaking on My Mom’s Basement podcast, The Deadman discussed the ending of his WWE Network docuseries ‘The Last Ride’. He revealed that the WWE Chairman hasn’t liked how it ended. So it could be a matter of time that he comes up with a new plan to rewrite things.

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Thus, The Undertaker teased the fact that Vince may be planning to do something for him at next year’s WrestleMania.

“It was in my thought process. I have a whole group of people who are like, ‘You can go out and do this, people will go crazy.’ On the inside, I’m thinking, ‘I don’t move the way I used to move, it’s a watered down version.’

I also love this business so much and love performing. It’s almost like I needed somebody to put the bullet in there and stop. Once we started rolling with this, it was in the back of my mind, ‘I can get to a point where this will solidify it and I won’t have a choice.’

Originally, that’s where I was at until I had to send the last 15 minutes to the Chairman [Vince McMahon]. He didn’t like the ending at all. That’s where we put the line back in there, ‘never say never.’ I’m coming to grips with it. Obviously, as we get close to [WrestleMania], I’ll have that internal feeling like I should be getting ready for something.”

The Undertaker Hints To Return In WWE For One More Match 2

Things like this around The Undertaker’s retirement happened earlier where the WWE CEO sketched different plans. He doesn’t want the greatest sports entertainer of all-time to walk into the sunset in just normal fashion. Originally, the WrestleMania loss in 2014 against Brock Lesnar was supposed to mark the end for him but that wasn’t the case as Taker suffered a concussion.

He forgot what down during the match and thus wanted to do one more match. Then the loss against Roman Reigns could’ve marked the end but again The Undertaker wasn’t happy with his performance. He was dealing with a hip injury who required surgery to fix the issues. Hopefully, the legendary wrestler gets a fitting goodbye that he deserves, living up to the hypes after all these years of speculation.