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Tiffany Stratton has officially declared the 2023 female discovery of the year and she’s openly been touted to be one of the future star powers of the WWE women’s division by fans and critics. At present, she is making a splash on NXT who already got the opportunity to become a one-time NXT Women’s Champion to begin a legacy of herself.

It’s easy to predict that Tiffany Stratton will achieve tons of accolades in her future career with the WWE if things remain right for her. She has already faced Becky Lynch in a championship feud on NXT while the other cornerstone figure of the company, Charlotte Flair showered praise on her.

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There’s also a chance that someday we might get to see Tiffany Stratton squaring off against perhaps the Greatest of All-Time in WWE history, Trish Stratus given the latte’s tendency of making sporadic comebacks to face new opponents.

As such, Trish had a long run in the WWE through the 2023 summer and faced a number of active roster members of Raw. While talking to Booker T’s podcast, the 2013 WWE Hall of Famer ended up comparing current female NXT Superstar Tiffany Stratton to herself in her prime days,

“I see the same sort of things, and she said this, ‘I have to prove myself because people expect a certain something out of people who look this way.’ That’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t say Tiffany and I are the Girl Next Door, more bombshell. There is a lot of pre-judgment and pre-conceived notions about what that person or personality can deliver.”

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Trish Stratus praises Tiffany Stratton’s Extreme Rules Match at No Mercy

Trish further went on to mention Tiffany Stratton’s match with Becky Lynch at NXT No Mercy premium live event which was contested under Extreme Rules capacity. Eventually, THE MAN ended up being the winner to retain the NXT Women’s Title but her challenger gave her enough fight to solidify her legacy.

Furthermore, the seven-time women’s champion didn’t rule out the idea of facing Tiffany Stratton inside the squared circle,

“We’ll see. I’m available at certain times. This is always my thing, every time I’ve been back, it’s about will I have fun? Will it be entertaining for the fans? Is it different for the fans? Will I do something that will help the business? Those are the boxes I need to check.”

Trish Stratus officially retired from professional wrestling after her SummerSlam 2019 loss to Charlotte Flair, but she came out of retirement for WrestleMania 39 and was open to making more comebacks in the future after the stint ended. So, now that Tiffany Stratton has entered the main roster, she hopes to meet with the ‘Stratusfaction.’

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