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Tiffany Stratton had already showcased talent during her NXT run by becoming a champion on the brand at the age of just 24. Then she made an impressive debut on the WWE main roster which led her to the appearance at the latest bygone Women’s Elimination Chamber match in Perth, Australia where she looked forward to creating history.

It’s safe to say that Tiffany Stratton stole the show at the Australian premium live event with her performance despite suffering some hiccups from the current main roster travel schedule. In a conversation with DOWNUNDER The Ring, the former NXT Women’s Champion discussed her recent SmackDown call-up and her participation in the Elimination Chamber match. She described it as wild, surreal, and a mix of nervousness and excitement.

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It was further admitted that an increased travel adjustment had to be made for her, but overall, she considers this as a valuable learning opportunity. That being said, she is embracing the challenges as playing with curveballs is nothing new to her.

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Tiffany Stratton reflects on her arrival on the main roster

“It made me feel nervous, it made me feel excited. Honestly, the travel has been kind of hectic. But I’ve been still kind of adjusting to that because at NXT, we don’t travel that much,” Tiffany Stratton noted on her debut on the main roster.

“We only travel every couple months, so the traveling has been a little much. But it has been so awesome, I’ve been learning so much. Just like thrown right into [the fire], but I feel like I’ve been doing that my entire career, so this is really nothing new.”

Becky Lynch ended up winning that Elimination Chamber bout to solidify her spot at Wrestlemania XL but it was Tiffany Stratton who received all the support from the Aussie fans. Her entry into the Chamber match received huge cheers while Liv Morgan hammering away at her also drew a huge amount of boos.

Those incredible reactions were also noticed by WWE officials and if the latest reports are any indications then this should make an impact on her Wrestlemania 40 booking. Tiffany Stratton also made it clear she wants to be viewed as the greatest of all time but there’s a long road to travel to achieve that status.

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