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Coming from a non-wrestling background, Tiffany Stratton has embarked on the journey of greatness in the WWE. At the very tender age of just 24, she made a splash on the WWE Universe by becoming the NXT Women’s Champion. With that title, WWE had also presented her on the mainstay brand of Raw, Smackdown, or even at the pay-per-view events, hinting that she’s main-roster bound.

Besides, the championship run also allowed Tiffany Stratton to be involved in a feud with top WWE female superstar Becky Lynch. Eventually, the main roster star ended up taking the title away from her in September 2023 but that didn’t undermine the talent shown by WWE’s resident Buff Barbie Doll. Speaking of this gimmick, Becky even planned a separate spot for it during their title match.

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After Becky won the NXT title, Tiffany Stratton got a rematch at NXT No Mercy which was an Extreme Rules Match. Taking advantage of the environment, the two used tons of weapons to upstage each other. In one of the spots, a sack full of Barbie dolls was revealed upon which Becky power-slammed her opponent.

Becky Lynch pitched a Barbie Doll spot at NXT No Mercy PLE

Tiffany Stratton was unable to win the match as well as the title but ensured that her stock continued to rise even in defeat. While speaking to Stephanie Chase of Digital Spy, the former champion spoke about the match and revealed that the crazy idea was actually pitched by Becky Lynch and it later got approved by the WWE officials,

“That was definitely Becky’s idea. Becky has amazing ideas, but she thought it would be so cool and so wacky to just have that visual. Everyone thinks [the bag] would have like thumbtacks or something like that, and then [she] pours it out and it’s Barbies and Barbie heads and we squash the Barbies and stuff. So that was definitely her idea.”

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Throughout her career in 2023, Tiffany Stratton has established herself as one of the major star powers of NXT by experiencing a meteoric rise. It’s safe to assume that WWE should be having big plans around her on Raw or Smackdown, down the road. She is a talent who was initially nurtured by veteran Greg Gagne who already saw greatness in her alongside many other veteran names in the industry.

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