Triple H Got Success Because Of His Father-In-Law, Says WWE Hall Of Famer

Triple H Got Success Because Of His Father-In-Law, Says WWE Hall Of Famer

Triple H
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Triple H is one of the front-runners to take things over in the WWE when Vince McMahon would eventually step down. He is the COO of WWE who also runs his own brand of NXT and all the extensions that comes with it. Last but not the least, as a performer, he is undoubtedly one of the most popular Superstars that WWE has ever produced.

The King of Kings was one of the best heels in the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression Era and beyond, competing in some of the most iconic matches in the history of the company. A very few have been able to make an impact in the world of professional wrestling as Triple H did. However, it seems a WWE Hall Of Famer finds it hard to agree with what fans think.

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Triple H Got Success Because Of His Father-In-Law, Says WWE Hall Of Famer 1

While speaking on The 81 Podcast, another legendary name Bret Hart didn’t have anything good to offer when it came to Triple H’s success in WWE. Hart recalled that WWE never had an original idea to amplify his success. He is only remembered and thereby received special treatment since he’s Vince McMahon’s son-in-law.

“There’s always some guys, you know, that no matter what they do with them, you always wonder how they got there. And I never thought Triple H ever had an idea, original idea, for anything. And I I always thought he was overrated. The only reason people even know him or remember him today is because (of) daddy, daddy-in-law.”

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No wonder why Bret Hart hasn’t had a smooth relationship with the WWE as he has some very clear yet sour ideas about one of the head honchos of the company. Since the 2019 Hall of Fame ceremony, Hart wasn’t seen in the company since he also appeared in All Elite Wrestling to get into the bad books of the WWE. Now, these comments won’t help to improve the relationship, either.

Triple H Got Success Because Of His Father-In-Law, Says WWE Hall Of Famer 2
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Triple H allegedly tried to ruin The Rock’s career

During the conversation, Hart also revealed that Triple H toned down the potential of Owen Hart in WWE as well. While reiterating his lack of respect for The Game, the Canadian legend also shared some stories on the treatment that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson received. The allegation is that Vince’s son-in-law also tried to ruin the career of the People’s Champion.

“I know that Triple H and maybe even Shawn (Michaels) back then were pretty ruthless,” Hart recalled. “If someone was tied to me or connected to me, they would try to ruin them. Even Rock, Dwayne Johnson. They really tried to crack him, really bust his chops all the time, all while I was there. I remember telling Dwayne all the time, I remember going ‘don’t listen to these guys. Don’t let these guys, like you’re a really good talent. You don’t need these guys.’

“In fact I wrestled, if you remember, when I did that big interview where I talked about America and how they could kiss my a** and all that. That same night, I think maybe on next week’s taping but it was filmed that night, I wrestled The Rock in a match. Wrestled Dwayne Johnson. They wanted me to beat him in the ring. Triple H wanted me to beat Dwayne Johnson and win the Intercontinental Title. And I remember I refused. I said ‘what do I need the Intercontinental Title for?’”