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Last year, Trish Stratus came back to the WWE programming for an extended program with Becky Lynch that ran through the entire summer. This stint also put her on the active WWE Raw women’s roster as she regularly made appearances on Monday nights. That stint has long been over since Payback in September but chances are still there to see her back for one final match.

Although absent for a few months now, Trish Stratus has been vocal about having her final match in the WWE and she also has a perfect scenario chosen for the match to go down. During an interview with Gorilla Position, the WWE Hall of Famer contemplated the idea of competing in the 2024 Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match which could be her final wrestling bout.

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Trish Stratus wants to explore different scenarios in the WWE

Trish Stratus has already considered the possibility of a final match in her hometown of Toronto since Money in the Bank will be hosting its 2024 installment there. In the conversation, the legendary name wondered about winning the Women’s Title, continuing her unfinished story with Zoey Stark, or even featuring in a match with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley during what could be her final stint,

“Look, I’ve had my fun in Canada. I’ve had my hometown fun in Canada for sure. Would I welcome another match in Toronto? Absolutely. For like, perhaps the final one? Yeah. We had a retirement match. Is this the post-retirement, retirement match? (She laughed) Maybe, in Toronto. I mean it is coming up, Toronto is coming up. I mean, hey, could I become an eight-time champion?”

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Previously in 2019, Trish Stratus got to be part of such a dream scenario as she competed in a match against Charlotte Flair in her hometown of Toronto. After coming up short, she was happy to have hung up the boots for good. But moving on, she came back last year for one more run.

Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus’ feud took over WWE television for several months and it ended at WWE Payback. The two wrapped up the feud by competing in a steel cage match that was admired by the fans. The latter would lose the match, which stands as the last match of her run with the WWE, so far.

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