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Trish Stratus originally retired from the WWE in-ring competition in 2006 which broke the hearts of all her fanbase. However, she kept on coming back on one-off occasions whenever the company required her in one-off angles. This also assured the dose of Stratusfaction on WWE TV in regular intervals.

Then it was last year that Trish Stratus made a comeback to become a full-fledged member of the Raw roster. She last competed in a match at the WWE Payback premium live event in 2023 where Becky Lynch was her opponent. The two put up an instant classic inside a steel cage and in the end, THE MAN was victorious to end her adversary’s latest WWE run.

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Trish Stratus lost to the multi-time women’s champion to wrap up their feud before getting taken out by Zoey Stark. The WWE Hall of Famer recently admitted to having unfinished business with Stark following that instance. Plus, she is also “definitely open” to making a return to the WWE as long as she considers herself to be 100 percent in the ring as stated to Monopoly Events.

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Trish Stratus has specific conditions for making WWE return

“This is what I said since I’ve retired, I said I will always consider coming back, a couple of boxes need to be checked. I want to do something different for the fans, I want to offer something different for another superstar that I’m going to work with, elevate them, do something with them,” Trish Stratus continued.

“As long as I can give 100 percent [I would return]. I don’t want to come back and be like, ‘Here’s my 60 guys, here’s 60 percent, let’s go. I want to make sure I do it like I did it before, and so I am always open. It usually depends on creative, what they offer … yeah, I’m definitely open.” (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

Previously while appearing in a Q&A Panel at Big Texas Comic Con, Trish Stratus discussed the latest stint that she had with the WWE in 2023. She was very happy about getting a concrete storyline that helped her to explore a new program with Becky Lynch. The innovator of Stratusfaction was also asked if she’d ever appear in another wrestling company to which she stated, “Probably not.”

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