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After a promising return to WWE in-ring competition at Royal Rumble in January, CM Punk was originally supposed to be in a big match at Wrestlemania XL, possibly challenging for the World Heavyweight Title then held by Seth Rollins. But an injury changed things and kept him away from the Biggest Wrestlemania of all time. But Drew McIntyre made this injury happen to start a highly personal feud with him.

As seen on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre kicked things off and stated that he will not waste any more time on CM Punk since he might not be cleared for action in 20 more years. Drew further that Damian Priest is the Paper World Champion but RAW needed him to be the Champion again who could rule the show with an iron fist.

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Priest came out and said that Drew should have looked back in a mirror and realized that he was the only person to blame for his failures. Priest was keen on giving Drew a shot for his World Heavyweight Title once Drew gets cleared to compete. After he’s done, he will make Drew eat those words.

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CM Punk expected to be back in action at WWE Summerslam PLE

According to the reports of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, CM Punk might cost Drew McIntyre in the World Title match against Priest, possibly taking place at any of the upcoming PLEs. Then the Straight Edge Savior might return to action in time for SummerSlam to face McIntyre in a singles contest,

“CM Punk can sc*ew him in the first one. And then you can come back and maybe win it. And then him and Punk could be the title feud because Punk is not that far from being back. If he had his surgery at the end of January, you’re looking at the end of July, August, maybe September, which is not that far away anymore. I mean, it’s like he might make SummerSlam, and if he can make SummerSlam, Punk and Drew for the title. That makes a lot of sense.”

As the road to recovery from the injury continues for CM Punk, WWE has been using his fame and star power to draw major attention from the fans. He’s regularly been attending Monday Night Raw episodes alongside PLE pre-shows and even main shows before becoming healthy enough to return to in-ring action.

After McIntyre injured him at the Royal Rumble match, CM Punk returned the favor by costing him the World Heavyweight Title to Priest at Wrestlemania to amp up the feud between the two.

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