Vince McMahon declaring it lastWrestlemania for Undertaker?

Is this the Undertaker’s last Wrestlemania as per Vince McMahon’s announcement on Raw?

Vince McMahon is leaving nothing to make the match between his son and the Deadman at Wrestlemania, a spectacular. It seems the match is unfolding a beat with every week passing by and this week too saw no exception as Vince addressed the WWE universe regarding the match and a little bit more intrigue to the Hell in a Cell special between Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker at Mania.

Vince previously stated the match as “his greatest creation vs. his greatest failure” on last week whereas this week he described Shane as “the most formidable opponent Undertaker has ever faced at WrestleMania.” Insult was also stored for the Undertaker too as mentioned the Phenom as his “bitch.” The stipulation added by him to the match was that if the Undertaker does not win the match at Wrestlemania then I will be his last ever appearance on the grandest stage of them all, a show that became synonymous to him. The match will also decide who has control of Monday Night RAW, Vince or Shane.

The announcement opens a major possibility of swerve in the match at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker who holds the record of 22-1 and an unbeaten streak for 21 matches at Wrestlemania, is not supposedly to lose against an opponent like Shane McMahon. Also, Shane was brought back to WWE only to raise the question of the ownership of WWE’s flagship show Monday Night Raw which was coming in any way. Also, the storyline was destined to focus the Authority falling down and Shane taking over WWE in a friendly way.

The swerving points to be noted here are Vince never told the Undertaker will have to retire if he loses the match and also he did not mention that Shane must win the match to get control over Monday Night Raw. He just said Shane has to compete in “….one last match….” We have to till April 3rd to get one concrete outcome of the match and for next night’s Raw for the fallout.