Vince McMahon Held Meeting Before This Week’s WWE Raw

Update: Vince McMahon Held Special Meeting Before This Week’s WWE Raw

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Earlier reports are available on the internet following WWE Crown Jewel show that the company may have had a fallout with the country’s sports authority. It was pointed out to be the sole reason why the superstars was on a hostage for a long time. They could not return to the US in time. As a result, they were furious and some of them openly admitted of not going back to the country, ever.

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As a follow-up to the incident, WWE reportedly held a talent meeting backstage at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York before this past Monday’s RAW episode.

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Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer was the first one to give the information alongside numerous other wrestling media outlets. The gathering basically happened to discuss the travel issues in Saudi Arabia and other rumors.

The Boss, Vince McMahon addressed the ongoing rumors of WWE putting an end to the business partnership with Saudi Arabia. He informed that everything is fine between the two parties.

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He also emphasized on the fact that there was nothing but a ‘mechanical issue’ with the flight. Saudi Arabia officials had nothing to do with the so-called hostage. Below is what Meltzer has offered in his report,

“So Vince called a meeting at 3:00 PM in New York. Only the RAW crew was there and nobody said anything basically you know, for the most part.

So this is the way I was told it was explained. It was explained that nothing is wrong. Everything’s fine. You know, it was mechanical problems and that’s it. There’s nothing more to say, just mechanical problems. I know people who are so vehement that’s not true to me after the meeting and ever since that was originally said.

That is the story. It’s what they told the guys. I think the guys that don’t believe it were real mad and the guys who were willing to accept it, accepted it.”

Just after this, WWE confirmed expanding its relationship with Saudi Arabia until 2027 with a brand new unannounced event. Meltzer also reported that Seth Rollins delivered a speech during the meeting in an attempt to rally the roster which was described as a “rah-rah” speech.

The interesting part is that the former Universal Champion has lashed out on Meltzer after his reports were out. He mentioned the veteran journalist as a ‘liar’ pointing out nothing such ever happened during this week’s Raw. At least, the speech by Rollins did never happen since Meltzer himself apologized to the Architect on Twitter.

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