WWE News: Will The Company Bring Back ‘Blood’ Content On TV?

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WWE News: Will The Company Bring Back ‘Blood’ Contents On TV? 

WWE News: Will The Company Bring Back ‘Blood’ Contents On TV?
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WWE has not used vulgar content for the better part of this decade as they have turned into a PG company. The tradition has changed to a significant extent in the recent few months as the contents have gone back to different creative team’s hands. As of now, Paul Heyman is acting as the executive director of Monday Night Raw who intends to sell edgier segments on TV.

As a result, we are seeing the adultery angle on Raw between bobby Lashley, Lana, and Rusev. It has been a great illustration of the fact that sex indeed sells. This is the reason why the video of last week’s Divorce Court has received the maximum number of views, thus far in comparison to other videos.

Why WWE created a love triangle on Raw?

At one point, the video put on the WWE Youtube channel reached almost 2 million viewers in just 9 hours. So it is evident why WWE is pushing this storyline to get more eyes on TV.

The question remains whether WWE likes to re-visit the older era of wrestling in the upcoming months bringing more such segment on TV. Apparently, they have already drawn a line between what to present on live television and what’s not. Mike Johnson commented on PWInsider.com that WWE is getting a bit more risque with their content. But they won’t be bringing back blood.

Vince McMahon’s opinion on bringing back edgier contents

Any time we would see blood on WWE contents, it is either accidental or fake. WWE would never intentionally use blood during matches like the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression Era, (ringsidenews.com)

“WWE has been very adamant that they have zero plans to go that route, except in cases where they use fake blood, as they did at the end of Hell In A Cell with Seth Rollins.”

There was a time when WWE creating blood was much appreciated by the fans. The audience used to be hardcore fans of the programming that even forced Vince McMahon to cut himself open to entertaining them.

But with the program transitioning to a mainstream way, it is likely that the company would not do so. So, practice like superstars blading themselves is never coming back to WWE.

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