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Breaking the usual tradition, WWE is yet to confirm the details around Wrestlemania 41 which would be the biggest premium live event set for next year. Previous reports were available regarding the host venue of the show which could have marked a closure on Brock Lesnar’s career from his hometown but things have changed big-time since then.

The latest speculation hints that WWE will return to the city for the premium live event where they host a press conference for the XL edition of Wrestlemania. It appears that negotiations with Las Vegas officials are ongoing, causing a delay in the formal announcement of the Wrestlemania 41 location. This comes even after Minneapolis has also thrown its hat into the ring as a contender to host the show.

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Minnesota remains in the race to host Wrestlemania 41

Furthermore, The Undertaker’s podcast added fuel to the fire as the veteran indicated that Las Vegas is the frontrunner for next year’s edition of The Showcase of Immortals. According to the recent update by WrestleVotes, signs are still there about the likelihood of WrestleMania 41 taking place in Minneapolis but Las Vegas still remains the stronger contender,

“After speaking with a reliable WWE source over the weekend, it seems that the chances of WrestleMania 41 being held in Minneapolis are decreasing with each passing day. ‘The longer we wait for an announcement, the stronger Las Vegas looks,’ said the source. While this doesn’t mean Minnesota is out of the running, the delay in announcing isn’t part of any new strategy or rollout. WWE is reportedly keen on getting the word out as soon as possible.”

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As you could guess, the situation isn’t there where you can completely rule out Minnesota as a potential host of Wrestlemania 41 but the delay in the decision-making process isn’t deliberate or part of a new tactic. WWE is seemingly trying to make the announcement and when it happens, Las Vegas is expected to receive the honor.

Months ago, reports from the Vital Vegas account, renowned for its insights into Sin City happenings, affirmed that WrestleMania 41 could be making a triumphant comeback to Las Vegas, Nevada, next year and it appeared they ultimately were able to pick up the truth which should be confirmed in due course.

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